Survey says: Even amid COVID-19, recent Assiniboine grads thriving

Nursing graduate stands smiling at camera holding diploma scroll.

At a time when Canada faced some of the most severe economic conditions of the past 50 years, Assiniboine Community College graduates showed they continued to thrive in the labour market.

The college’s latest annual graduate satisfaction and employment survey, which polls graduates about nine months following completion of their studies, shows that 92 per cent have jobs and 82 per cent say they are working in a career related to their field of study.

Four years out, Assiniboine graduates fare even better. Among that alumni cohort, 96 per cent had jobs, and 89 per cent were working in a career related to their education.

“It remains clear that pursuing a college education is a smart investment for individuals and society, both economically and socially,” said Assiniboine president Mark Frison.

While there may be some uncertainty, one thing’s for sure: Assiniboine graduates are central to the growth of our province as we bounce back from this pandemic.

The average annual income for a recent Assiniboine graduate is just over $46,000. The average salary climbs to about $57,600 when looking at those who graduated from the college four years ago.

According to the college’s most recent economic impact study, the average rate of return on a student’s investment in their education at Assiniboine is 21.2 per cent.

“Results matter. Assessing graduate outcomes continues to be one of the primary ways in which we are accountable to our mission as a college,” said Frison. “Certainly, college education offers value beyond linking skilled graduates to meaningful careers, but the economic prosperity of individuals and Manitoba is an important measure for us.”

Insightrix Research conducted the surveys between April 15 and May 31, 2020—amid the COVID-19 pandemic.