Master the skills you need to take the next step in your early learning career and prepare to take on a leadership position in the child care field.

This advanced diploma program is designed to help early childhood educators advance to leadership positions within their field. If you love working in  early learning and want to take the next step in your career, this program is for you. Early Childhood  Program Management (ECPM) will give you the skills that you need to take on a leadership role and management-level responsibilities.

Take a deeper dive into the fundamentals of early learning. Developed for busy educators, this program will have you learning online, maintaining virtual contact with instructors and other students. Study at your own pace and continue to work while taking this program by distance.

Students in this program will learn best practices in managing the human resources of early learning settings and enhancing communication with staff and families to shape positive outcomes. You will gain skills in mentoring and leading staff and learn what the role of a director entails, including financial management, policy development and staff supervision. 

The skills and experiences you take away from ECPM will prepare you for a director’s role and the responsibilities as the leader, manager and administrator of an early childhood setting. The ECPM program helps students meet government standards for training at the ECE III level. This program is provincially accredited by the Child Care Qualifications and Training Committee (CCQTC).

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Assiniboine will offer six new programs, made possible by an $11.4 million investment from the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada. These programs complement our early learning and child care training and education offerings.

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**As part of the college’s multiyear plan and commitment to improving the student experience, this program is under review. Program changes may occur for 2023-24.**

Program Specific FAQs

How do I register for a course?

Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive information about how to register & pay for courses online via MyACC. You will need a Visa, Visa Debit or MasterCard to pay online.

If you are paying by any other method, please complete a registration form and mail it in with your payment or drop off at the Registrar's Office at Victoria Avenue East, Brandon.

If you are a sponsored student and we have your sponsorship confirmation on file, you can register online and we will submit your fees to your sponsor. You can check that we have your sponsorship information in notifications in MyACC.

How do I know which course to register for next?

Some courses have pre-requisite and/or co-requisite requirements. Guidance on the order of course completed can be viewed on the ECPM Course Order form. Pre-requisites and/or co-requisites by course, can be viewed on the Courses & Costs tab. 

Can I receive credit for the Ethics Training IV course I completed through the Manitoba Child Care Association?

Yes, if you have completed the Ethics Training IV through the Manitoba Child Care Association successfully, you can request credit transfer for your elective course. Guidance on how to make this request can be found on the ECPM Course Order form. 

What are the course start dates and costs?

Once you are accepted to the program, you can register for a course at any time (as long as you have the pre-requisite course). Please refer to the schedule located on the Distance Education tab on the ECPM program page for a listing of upcoming courses and prices. 

What resources will I require for the course?

Please refer to the 'tools and supplies' tab on this program page for information related to course materials.

Which courses are online?

All theory courses, except electives, are delivered online through Moodle. If you have never used Moodle, enrol for the free New to Moodle course and also access other tutorials/help through the site. The two elective courses are currently under review but will be sent electronically to students upon registration.

Who do I contact for practicum?

Please contact hhs@assiniboine.net to set up your practicum before registering. You will need to provide the name of the centre/school, dates of the placement, contact name, phone number, and address to hhs@assiniboine.net a minimum 2 weeks before the course cut-off date (20th of the previous month). The School will submit your registration form once coordination of your practicum has been arranged.

For further questions please contact hhs@assiniboine.net

I have worked as a Director for a number of years, can I be exempt from anything?

Please contact Nienke Schutz Kolster at schutzkolstern@assiniboine.net to discuss possible eligibility for a Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) practicum.

How do I make contact with my instructor?

By the first day of the course start date, the instructor will contact you with a getting started email that includes your Moodle enrolment key to get started in the course. This email provides detail about your instructor and how to contact them. All emails will be sent to your username@assiniboine.net email. It is important that you check this email regularly.

Where do I get an enrolment key?

Your instructor will send you a getting started email at the start of the course. This email includes the enrolment key that you will need to access your course in Moodle.



Note: This is an advanced diploma and requires a prior diploma or degree as a pre-requisite.

  • Two-year Early Childhood Education diploma or current  Early Childhood Education 2 (ECEII) from the Manitoba Child Care program. 

  • Minimum one-year Early Learning Centre experience as an ECEII verified in a letter from an Early Learning Centre Director or equivalent.

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information. 

Program Application Checklist

Please use the CPM Program Application Checklist to help you submit a complete application.


Careers & Connections


The Early Childhood Program Management advanced diploma is designed to help early childhood educators advance to leadership positions within the early childhood field as directors. Positions are available in a variety of early learning child care settings. This program helps students meet government standards for training at the ECE III level.


This program is provincially accredited by the Child Care Qualifications and Training Committee (CCQTC).

Assiniboine has a number of agreements with other colleges, universities and professional organizations, making it possible for students to apply credit taken at Assiniboine to programs at other institutions. For up-to-date information on agreements, visit our Articulation Agreements page.

Tools & Supplies

Distance-delivered courses make use of several delivery methods. The type of interaction varies depending on the course and the program. All courses are delivered online with the exception of Integration Seminar, Practicum and the electives. Textbooks are required in some courses. You will maintain contact with your instructor and other students through a variety of technologies as needed. 

Computer access is required. Course material is delivered over the Internet on a learning platform called Moodle. Moodle allows assignments to be transmitted to the instructor electronically. You may also participate in online discussions.

Booklists are available from your school office 30 days prior to the start date of your program. Visit the Bookstore website to learn more.

2023-24 Lists:


Technology Requirements

Students in this program are expected to have a computer at home with internet access that meets the technical needs outlined by the program. Refer to assiniboine.net/tech for detailed information.

Courses & Costs

To graduate with an Early Childhood Program Management advanced diploma, students must successfully complete 29 credits. The passing grade for all courses is C+ or 66%. Course offerings are subject to change and may vary by intake.

The suggested order of course completion can be viewed on the ECPM Course Order form, this will guide you on which course to register for next. Note: Integration Seminar and Practicum are completed simultaneously, once all academic course requirements are completed. Students who have successfully completed Ethics Training IV through the Manitoba Childcare Association may receive credit for the elective course. 

Active students can track their progress to graduation by logging into MyACC and using viewing Program Evaluation.

Estimated Program Costs

Tuition, fees and Students’ Association fees total approximately $2,490. Estimated costs for books and supplies are $890. All fees are estimated and subject to change without notice. 

Title Credits/CEUs Elective Distance PLAR
Conflict Resolution (PSSY-0012)

In this course, students learn techniques on how to resolve conflicts before they escalate to a crisis situation. They learn how to analyze a variety of confrontational situations and learn personal triggers and reactions to conflicts. Through situational role-playing and other techniques, students learn defusing skills.

3 credit(s) Yes Yes No
Early Childhood Administration (ECED-0026)

Prerequisites: HRMG-0033 Human Resource Function, PSSY-0001 Organizational Behaviour 1, PSSY-0002 Organizational Behaviour 2, ACCT-0032 Financial Management, PSSY-0080 Family and Community Relations
This course is the critical element of the certificate program. Managing effectively is fundamental to the success and quality of the early childhood setting. This course describes and analyzes the systems, relationships, roles and skills necessary to effectively manage an early childhood setting.

3 credit(s) No Yes No
Family and Community Relations (PSSY-0080)

Quality early learning and child care programs support families in their day-to-day lives and activities. Students practice professional and respectful strategies to balance the needs of children and families attending the centre. Current issues, professional partnerships and community initiatives are covered in this course.

3 credit(s) No Yes No
Financial Management (ACCT-0032)

Students are introduced to the accounting and administrative concepts that are essential for a director of an early learning and child care centre. Students learn to prepare budgets, keep accurate records and manage the day-to-day financial requirements of the early learning centre. Students become familiar with the provincial reporting system and grant applications.

6 credit(s) No Yes No
Human Resource Function (HRMG-0033)

The work of organizations is done through people. This course introduces the topic of leading and managing people in organizations. Topics include the strategic importance of the human resource function, recruitment and selection, orientation and training, performance appraisal, job motivation and relevant legislation.

3 credit(s) No Yes No
Integration Seminar (ECED-0025)

Prerequisites: Two years experience in an early childhood setting.
Corequisite: PRAC-0018 Practicum - ECMGT
Using various group process strategies and problem-solving techniques, students prepare for practicum and are assisted to integrate the theory they have learned with their own experiences in an early childhood setting. Effectiveness of various administrative policies and practices are evaluated.

3 credit(s) No Yes No
Leadership Skills (PEDV-0106)

This course is a foundation for further development of students' knowledge and skills in leadership. Students learn the skills necessary for practicing competent, ethical leadership. Through assigned class work and activities, students are provided opportunities for the practice of leadership skills.

3 credit(s) Yes Yes No
Organizational Behaviour 1 (PSSY-0001)

Students study behaviour science theory and concepts useful in organizations. Topics include: perception and learning, stress management, applied performance practices and team dynamics.

3 credit(s) No Yes No
Organizational Behaviour 2 (PSSY-0002)

Prerequisite: PSSY-0001 Organizational Behaviour
Building on Organizational Behaviour 1, students focus on decision-making, power and influence in the workplace, as well as organizational structure, design, culture and change.

3 credit(s) No Yes No
Practicum - ECMGT (PRAC-0018)

Corequisite: ECED-0025 Integration Seminar
This practicum gives students the opportunity to become familiar with the day-to-day experiences of a manager. The student shadows the manager and completes tasks as assigned. Self-evaluation is an important part of the learning process during this practicum.

2 credit(s) No Yes No

Distance Education

The Early Childhood Program Management advanced diploma program is available for study through distance education. To see when courses are being offered throughout the year, the costs and how long you have to complete them, click on the schedule below. 


Registration options:

  • If you are an active Assiniboine student in the Early Childhood Program Management program, you can register and pay online for your next course using MyACC. You can also register directly with the Registrar’s Office by calling 204.725.8701 to register with a credit card.
  • If you are not an active Assiniboine student in the Early Childhood Program Management program but wish to enrol in the program, you may do so by applying online www.assiniboine.net/applynow

The deadline to register is the 20th of the prior month however, you can register at any time - you don’t need to wait for the deadline. For example, for February 1st courses, the deadline to register is January 20th. 

Once you have registered for your course, you’ll get information about your instructor, how to purchase your textbook(s) and course delivery.

We recommend that you start with one course to get a feel for the course load. After that, it's up to you how many courses you take.

Please ensure that you review our academic policies,  including policy A20: Registering, Adding and Dropping Courses, which explains the refund policy for distance education courses; and A10: Maintaining Active Student Status, which details how often you need to complete a course to remain active in your program. You have five years to complete a program. 

Program Details

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Program Information Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get reimbursed with the ECE Tuition Reimbursement program ?

You can find details about the program, including reimbursement amounts, on the province’s website.

Am I eligible for reimbursement?

Eligibility requirements for this reimbursement program can be found here.

How do I apply for reimbursement?

Visit the following webpage to learn more about the application process and requirements

How do I get the proof of enrolment and tuition costs as required by the application?

The current application requires proof of enrolment and tuition costs be submitted alongside your application. You can locate these required documents on your MyACC account. See the instruction sheet attached.

Am I eligible for reimbursement if my tuition was paid by a sponsor?

Please visit the tuition reimbursement webpage, which includes full program details, FAQs and contact information for the program:

I am thinking about applying to ECE in the future. Will I be eligible for reimbursement?

Eligibility requirements for the tuition reimbursement program, can be found here.