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Open the door to a world of exciting careers by upgrading your skills or earning your Mature Student High School diploma. We have small class sizes, focused one-on-one instructor attention, and a schedule that fits your needs. Complete your high school diploma tuition-free.

Invest in Your Future

Need to finish high school or improve your grades? Missing a prerequisite for post-secondary studies? Been out of school for a long time?

Our program is for you! We have two locations to serve you. Our Adult Learning Centre - Brandon is located at the Victoria Avenue East campus (1430 Victoria Avenue East) and has day and evening classes beginning every September and January. Our Adult Learning Centre - Parkland is located in Dauphin at our Parkland campus (520 Whitmore Avenue) and semesters also begin in September and January.

Designed For You

Our programs have lots of learning options to meet your needs. We offer supportive classroom instruction with flexible learning options that enable you to balance school with work and family commitments. You will have the opportunity to earn dual credits that count for both high school and college credit, provided you attain the required percentage grade.

Dual Credits

Dual credits are selected college courses taken at the high school level and count for both college credit and high school completion. These courses are marked with an asterisk (*) in the Program Calendar and can be used for dual credit provided the student attains the required percentage determined by the college. It is a way for students to see if that program is for them and to reduce the amount of credits required when they are accepted into a post-secondary program.

Flex Learning

Assiniboine's Centre for Adult Learning - Brandon follows a flex learning model for its programs. This competency-based model provides a flexible learning option for students who are unable to attend classes on a daily basis. Flex learning allows students to work on their own with access to online learning resources, a classroom and regular instructor support. Attendance every day is not mandatory, but students are encouraged to stay on-track with the completion of course objectives. Students wanting to use the flex learning model must meet with the student success advisor to determine if this option is right for them.

Note: Not all courses are available in the flex learning model. See the student success advisor for more information.

Integrated Program Model

The integrated program model was designed to allow students to complete their high school diploma while taking a college level program. Using the dual credit process, some of the courses that students take in the college program also count as high school credits. Students must have completed Grade 12 math and English before entering an integrated program.

Programs available include Education Assistant and Comprehensive Health Care Aide.

Learn In a Supportive Environment

Our supportive learning community is accentuated by student mingling areas, study areas, classrooms, computer labs and free, wireless Internet. Your designated student success advisor will help you map your education and career goals. You will have regular access to a learning strategist, an Indigenous services officer, elders and tutors to support you.

Make an appointment with a student success advisor by calling 204.725.8735 in Brandon or 204.622.2222 in Dauphin. There is no application fee! 

Take the First Step

More opportunities for career advancement are available to people who have received a Grade 12 credential. Obtaining pre-requisites to post-secondary school opens new windows of possibility for training and employment in new careers.


  • You must be 19 years of age or over at the time of enrolment or reach the age of 19 before the completion of the course in which you are enrolled.

  • You must be out of high school six months or more

Each student’s academic level is assessed to ensure they get the courses that are right for them.

Additional Credit/Upgrading

  • You must have a complete Manitoba grade 12 or equivalent

Students who already possess a high school diploma may take up to 4 additional high school courses tuition free, course fees will apply.

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information. 


Step 1: Make an appointment with our Student Success Advisor (SSA). In Brandon, please contact us at 204.725.8735 extension 7134; in Dauphin, please phone 204.622.2222. The SSA will meet with you and develop a personalized education plan that will address your specific needs and future goals. It would greatly help us if you could bring with you any previous high school transcripts.

Step 2: Part of your personalized plan may mean that you write a computerized placement test called ACCUPLACER. It takes about an hour and a half to complete. The purpose of this test is simply to determine your current reading and math levels so that we can make sure you get into the right courses. 

Step 3: Once you feel prepared to write the test, please contact us at 204.725.8735 ext 7134 (Brandon) or 204.622.2222 (Dauphin) and set up a time and date. 

Step 4: Once you have taken your test, you need to make an another appointment with the Student Success Advisor to go over your results and do a course plan. You can make the appointment either at the front desk just after you write your test or by calling the number above.

Step 5: In your appointment, the Student Success Advisor will determine from your test scores what courses you need to take, and establish a timetable for you. If you already have some high school credits, we will need to have an original official transcript in order to transfer those credits over.

Book an Appointment

Centre for Adult Learning - Brandon (Victoria Avenue East campus)
204.725.8735 or toll-free 1.800.862.6307 ext 7134
adult learning@assiniboine.net

Centre for Adult Learning - Dauphin (Parkland campus)

Careers & Connections

Career Opportunities

More opportunities for career advancement are available to people who have received a Grade 12 credential. Obtaining pre-requisites to post-secondary school opens new windows of opportunity for training and employment in new careers.


Students enrolled in Assiniboine's adult learning programs have the opportunity to earn dual credits.

Dual credits are selected college courses taken at the high school level that can count for both college credit and high school completion. Students whose goal is post-secondary school can take advantage of the dual credits offered and reduce their course load in their post-secondary program. In order for a dual credit to count for both high school and post-secondary credit, students are required to achieve a required percentage that has been pre-determined by the college.

Assiniboine has a number of agreements with other colleges, universities and professional organizations, making it possible for students to apply credit taken at Assiniboine to programs at other institutions. For up-to-date information on agreements, visit the Articulation Agreements page.



Tools & Supplies

We focus on personalized services to suit your specific needs. Designated student advisors will help you map your education and career goals. You will have regular access to a learning strategist, aboriginal services officer, elders, tutors, and an accessibility services coordinator to serve your needs and assist in your success. Educational software is also available to enhance your learning experience.

Our supportive learning community environment is accentuated by student mingling areas, a computer lab, wireless internet and a lunch room. You will benefit from the collegiate campus, and have access to other services Assiniboine has to offer.

High school textbooks will be provided to you by the Centre for Adult Learning. These must be returned at the end of the year. Any tools and supplies that you may require for your high school labs will be provided for you. You will, however, be responsible for providing your own binders, pens, paper and other materials that will assist you in the classroom.

Program Checklist and Textbooks/Supplies


Technology Requirements

Students in this program are expected to have a computer at home with internet access that meets the technical needs outlined by the program. Refer to assiniboine.net/tech for detailed information.

Courses & Costs


Estimated Program Costs
  Credits Tuition Course fees Students' Association fees (Inc Health Premium) Estimated textbooks, tools and supplies
Mature Student High School (MSHS) 8 $170 $0 $250 $170

All fees are estimated and subject to change without notice.


At the Centre for Adult Learning - Brandon, fees charged per one credit course are $20.90 for materials and fees, plus $32.14 for Students’ Association fees.

At the Centre for Adult Learning - Parkland, fees charged per one credit course are $20.90 for materials and fees, plus $30.22 for Students’ Association fees.


To graduate with a Mature Student High School diploma, students must earn a total of 8 credits, 4 of which must be at the Grade 12 level. Grade 12 English Language Arts and Grade 12 Mathematics are required credits. To graduate with a regular high school diploma, students must complete 30 credits. The minimum passing grade for each course is indicated on the course outline.


The Centre for Adult Learning is in session from September to June each year. There is a four quarter system with intakes in September, November, January and April with core courses of English and Math being offered on a semester system. A student can enter at any of those times.

If you are requiring upgrading, depending on which quarter you enter, you may be able to complete your courses for the next intake at a secondary school (January or September)

Centre for Adult Learning - Brandon:
All Classes September or January start
Centre for Adult Learning - Parkland:
All Classes September or January start

For More Information

Contact the Centre for Adult Learning - Brandon at 204.725.8735 or email adultlearning@assiniboine.net

Contact the Centre for Adult Learning - Parkland at 204.622.2222 or email parklandinfo@assiniboine.net.

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