If you apply pesticide professionally in Manitoba, you must be certified and licensed through Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development. Assiniboine offers the certification for the pesticide core and all license categories.

The first step to obtaining your license is certification with Assiniboine. Once you have successfully achieved your certification you apply to Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development who will issue your license. You must apply for your license annually. Re-certification is required through Assiniboine every five years. For more information on licensing visit the Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development licensing page

To become certified, or re-certify you must purchase the course manual for the categories you require and study by distance. When you are ready, you will register to complete an online, remote proctored, closed book, timed exam. The next scheduled exam is December 1 & 2, 2021.  Registration information for the 2021-22 exams will be available November 1, 2021. 

The following are all of the categories available for certification.  All applicators must have their Core certification plus appropriate category in order to obtain a license.

Core (PEST-0101) 

Applicators are introduced to the regulations that apply to pesticide sale and use. Safety issues such as proper pesticide handling procedures, reading pesticide labels, responding to pesticide emergencies and impact on the environment are also discussed. Students also learn general pesticide terminology, pest management concepts and basic elements of application technology. 

Aerial (PEST-0102)

This national course covers application of pesticides by air to forestlands, rights-of-way, and agricultural lands including orchards. 

Agriculture Ground (PEST-0030)

Applicators will learn the unique properties of pesticide products, proper use and handling of pesticides, safety and health precautions for the student and the environment, and emergency responses and procedures. They study the aspects of applying and dispensing agricultural pesticides and the major federal and provincial regulations affecting the application and sale of agricultural pesticides. Students also learn how to determine pesticide application rates and batch calculations, calibrate field and custom sprayers, and respond to pesticide application complaints. 

Dealer (PEST-0046)

A pesticide dealer is a person (or business) that sells pesticides to an end-user. Retail pesticide dealers that sell commercial and/or restricted class pesticides in Manitoba are required to have a Pesticide Dealer Licence. If you will be dispensing chemicals only and not applying it, you will need to certify by completing the Dealer exam.

Please note: If you are currently certified in a category that offers Dealer licensing, you are not required to recertify in the new Dealer category until your current certification expires.

Forestry (PEST-0004) 

Applicators will learn how to use pesticides in forest management operations including site preparation, brushing, conifer release, thinning, and insect, rodent and disease control. 

Fumigation/Stored Ag Products (PEST-0032) 

Applicators will learn about the use of fumigant gases for control of insects in stored grains (farm and grain elevators) and stored grain products (flour mills and grain product storage facilities). 

Greenhouse (PEST-0033)

Applicators will learn about the use of pesticides (excluding the use of restricted fumigants that are gases at room temperature) in and immediately around greenhouses or interior plant structures. 

Industrial (PEST-0006) 

Applicators will learn about the use of pesticides for controlling weeds on industrial areas including roadsides, power lines, pipelines, rights-of-way, railways, well sites, and non-cropland and equipment yards. This category includes herbicide applications to parking lots and roadbeds during road construction. 

Landscape/Golf Course (PEST-0140) 

Applicators will learn about the use of pesticides in the maintenance of ornamental trees, shrubs, on flowers and turf, on outdoor residential, commercial (e.g. cemeteries) and public land and golf courses. This category includes use in outdoor nurseries for propagation of landscape and garden plants, but does not include fumigation within the greenhouse environment. In addition to the Pesticide Landscape/Golf Course Pesticide Certification, at least one operator from each company must successfully complete the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) course offered by ACC. For more information on the IPM course and registration information visit the program website.

Livestock Products (PEST-0013) 

Applicators learn the special properties of agricultural pesticides that are used for the protection of agricultural animals and treatment for insect pests that affect farm animals. Students are also made aware of the difference between pesticides that have a Pest Control Products (PCP) number and those that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN).

Mosquito (PEST-0010) 

Applicators will learn about the use of insecticides for control of mosquito larvae or adults.

Rural Municipal (PEST-0011) 

Applicators will learn about the use of pesticides for controlling weeds in industrial areas including roadsides, power lines, pipelines, rights-of-way, railways, well sites, and non-cropland and equipment yards. Generally this certification course would apply to Municipal government employees. Responsibility for administering the Provincial Noxious Weeds Act falls into this category. 

Seed Treatment (PEST-0008)

Applicators will learn about the use of pesticides for commercial seed treatment. 

Structural (PEST-0031) 

Applicators will learn about the use of insecticides, rodenticides, avicides and repellents for the prevention and control of pests inside structures (excluding plant pests in greenhouses or interior landscapes or on exterior surfaces). This category includes rodenticide use on public or private land.


If you have any questions regarding your certification or are unsure of which category is applicable to your work, please contact agextension@assiniboine.net.

Aerial CEC Recertification

In addition to providing training and exams for Aerial Applicator licensing, Assiniboine also recognizes Aerial Applicator Recertification continuing education credits (CECs). Aerial applicators register in the course PEST-0102 and receive a 'P' (pass mark) at the end of their five-year recertification period by acquiring the required number of CECs, in the required concepts as established by the Prairie Provinces Certification Committee. Assiniboine tracks CECs through its aerial applicator recertification tracking database.

For more specific information regarding the Aerial Applicators CEC Program, contact the Agriculture Extension Administrative Assistant.

For more specific information regarding the Aerial Applicators Program, contact the Agriculture Extension Administrative Assistant.

Manitoba Reciprocity Pesticide Legislation Exam

If you certified in another province, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development recognizes and accepts certification from other provinces as long asthe certification meets the National Standard and was granted within 5 years.

As of January 2019, all applicants who certified in another province (other than Manitoba) are required to write the "Manitoba Reciprocity Exam" prior to securing Manitoba pesticide applicator and dealer licences. A person must first apply for their pesticide licence to Manitoba Agriculture.

Once approved, Manitoba Agriculture will direct you to Assiniboine to register and complete the Manitoba Reciprocity exam for Manitoba certification.

Pesticide Grower Course

This course is offered in March/April of every year and provides growers with the knowledge to select and apply pesticide safely and to effectively enhance the management of the farm operation. This category combines key elements of the pesticide core, agricultural ground and livestock categories. The Pesticide Grower Certification requires candidates to complete the tutorial course  prior to writing the open book, grower certification exam.

Careers & Connections


This program is specifically designed to provide training for people who require Manitoba Pesticide Applicator and/or Dealer Certification. 


Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, in co-operation with Assiniboine, has authorized this training program designed to prepare prospective candidates for licensing in Manitoba.



If you have passed your required exams and are ready to apply for your license, please remember to include a copy of your final grade report which you can view/print from your MyACC account. 

You can find license applications with instructions at Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development’s website.

Tools & Supplies

The Pesticide Certification program uses a distance education approach. Contact the Assiniboine Bookstore to order your manuals. On receipt of the manuals, review the material and make use of the worksheets. If you are having problems mastering the material, attend one of the pesticide workshops put on by Assiniboine throughout the testing year.

Manuals for the Pesticide Certification program may be purchased at the Assiniboine Bookstore at the Victoria Avenue East Campus, which is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit the Assiniboine Bookstore website to learn more about ordering online.

Ordering Pesticide Certification manuals:

Please note: Manuals for the 2021-2022 certification exam season have all received minor updates to terminology, product and organization names and forms.  These minor updates will be reflected in the exam questions.  Manuals for the Structural and Stored Ag Products (Fumigation) and Industrial are undergoing major revisions with new federal manuals to be released in the fall of 2021.  Please be aware that should you choose to use versions of manuals printed prior to the fall of 2021 that the content may have been revised and this may affect your ability to provide correct responses to exam questions.  All updated manuals will be available through Follett’s bookstore on November 1, 2021. 

Assiniboine uses the Examity proctoring system for online pesticide exams. Before registering for your exam, please ensure the computer you’ll be using meets Examity requirements:

Examity system requirements are:

  • MacOS X 10.5 or higher, Windows Vista or higher. Examity does not support Linux or Chrome OS  
  • Desktop computer or laptop (tablets, Chromebook and cell phones do not meet our requirements)
  • A working built-in or external webcam and microphone
  • Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not recommended
  • Browser with pop-up blocker disabled

Courses & Costs

Students who successfully complete the required Pesticide Core course plus one other Pesticide course/category may apply for licensing to Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development.

Course manuals must be purchased at the cost of $120 per manual.

The exam fee is $135 per exam. 

While there are no particular requirements to enrol for certification, you should keep in mind that courses are designed for people who have a Grade 12 literacy and numeracy level. Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development requires an applicant for a Pesticide license to be 18 years of age or older.



    Important: Online, closed book, timed exams offered for 2021 certification!

    The next scheduled exam is December 1 & 2, 2021.  Registration information for the 2021-22 exams will be available November 1, 2021.

    To register please complete and submit the online registration form.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much time should I allow to go through the process of getting my license from beginning to end?

    10 weeks. Your first step is to certify through Assiniboine and the next step is licensing with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development.

    I have a manual from six years ago- should I get a new one?

    Yes. Regulations and legislation change.

    What if I need to change my exam date after I register?

    You must submit a completed Registration Change form to the Admissions & Registration department prior to 9 a.m. on the scheduled exam day.

    What if I am sick on the exam day?

    Notify Admissions & Registration and submit a copy of your medical certificate within five business days of the exam date to be transferred to another exam date at no charge.

    Can I register late?

    No, you must register at least seven business days before your chosen exam date.

    How many exams can I write in one day?

    Because the online exams are offered in a two day window, you can complete as many exams as you need to in a scheduled exam window.

    What if I fail my exam?

    To rewrite an exam, you must repeat the registration and fee payment process. If you fail on the second exam writing, you must contact the Coordinator of Agriculture Extension at 204.725.8700 ext. 6392 before making a third attempt. After a third failed attempt, you must wait six months before writing again.