Notice of Cancellation

All Ag Extension/Pesticide courses, exams and workshops have been cancelled until further notice.
Assiniboine Community College is working towards offering exams online.

More information will be provided on our website as we move forward with the online exam option. If you are already registered for an exam, you will be contacted via email.

Pesticide manuals can be still be purchased online through Follett’s bookstore or call 1-800-862-6307 ext. 6788


This program provides training for people requiring Manitoba Pesticide Applicator and/or Dealer Certification. Also included is the Aerial CEC Recertification course for individuals wishing to acquire credit towards recertification.

To ensure safe procedures when using pesticides, the legislation requires all commercial pesticide applicators and retail pesticide dealers to be certified through Assiniboine training and licenced through Manitoba Agriculture. Each license requires successful completion of the ‘Core’ course plus at least one other (category) course based on the license category you will need to obtain. Manitoba Agriculture requires individuals to recertify every five years and license to be renewed each year.

There are multiple steps involved in obtaining your Pesticide license. To avoid disappointment, please allow a minimum of ten weeks for registration, study, administration, shipping and application processing. Exam re-writes and workshops require additional time.


If you prefer a more traditional way to learn or need help to master the concepts, Assiniboine offers workshops. A minimum of six students is required and the cost is $200 per student.

Aerial CEC Recertification

In addition to providing training and exams for Aerial Applicator licensing, Assiniboine also recognizes Aerial Applicator Recertification continuing education credits (CECs). Aerial applicators register in the course PEST-0102 and receive a 'P' (pass mark) at the end of their five-year recertification period by acquiring the required number of CECs as established by the Prairie Provinces Certification Committee. Assiniboine tracks CECs through its aerial applicator recertification tracking database.

For more specific information regarding the Aerial Applicators Program, contact Jo-Anne Lenton at 204.725.8700 ext 6716.


This course provides growers with the knowledge to select and apply pesticide safely and to effectively enhance the management of the farm operation. This category combines key elements of the pesticide core, agricultural ground and livestock categories. The Pesticide Grower Certification requires candidates to complete the tutorial course prior to writing the grower certification exam.

Careers & Connections


This program is specifically designed to provide training for people who require Manitoba Pesticide Applicator and/or Dealer Certification. 


Manitoba Agriculture, in co-operation with Assiniboine Community College, has authorized this training program designed to prepare prospective candidates.


If you passed the exam(s), you will receive a licence application form(s) with your Final Grade Report to submit to Manitoba AG Pesticide Licensing Branch.

Mail or deliver licence application forms to:

Manitoba Agriculture, Pesticide Licensing
Box 969
67-2nd St. NE
Altona, MB,  R0G 0B0

Tools & Supplies

The Pesticide Certification program uses a distance education approach. Contact the Assiniboine Bookstore to order your manuals. On receipt of the manuals, review the material and make use of the worksheets. If you are having problems mastering the material, attend one of the pesticide workshops put on by Assiniboine throughout the testing year.

If in doubt, contact the Pesticide Administrative Assistant at 204.725.8700 ext. 6716.

Manuals for the Pesticide Certification program may be purchased at the Assiniboine Bookstore at the Victoria Avenue East Campus, which is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit the Assiniboine Bookstore website to learn more about ordering online.

Ordering Pesticide Certification manuals:

View the Pesticide Course Codes/Descriptions to help with ordering your manuals:

Courses & Costs

Students who successfully complete the required Pesticide Core course plus one other Pesticide course/category may apply for licensing to Manitoba Agriculture. 

Mail or deliver licence application forms to:

Manitoba Agriculture, Pesticide Licensing
Box 969
67-2nd St. NE
Altona, MB,  R0G 0B0


    Certification Process

    While there are no particular requirements to enrol for certification, you should keep in mind that courses are designed for people who have a Grade 12 literacy and numeracy level. Manitoba Agriculture requires an applicant for a Pesticide license to be 18 years of age or older.

    Certification Process

    1. Confirm what courses you need based on the licence category you will need to obtain. For category descriptions, see Pesticide course/category descriptions.
    2. Course manuals (for home study) can be purchased from the Assiniboine Bookstore at a cost of $120 each and include a Field Guide to Crop Protection if required for the course.
    3. Pesticide workshops are optional but highly recommended. Workshops are designed to prepare you for Pesticide certification exams. For optimum benefit from a workshop, study in advance and bring your manual and questions with you. Also, select a workshop date that is scheduled to occur in advance nearest to the exam date you've chosen. Please see the Workshop Registration Form.
    4. Select exam/date/location and register for each of your courses. Exams fees are $125 per exam. If an alternate date and/or location is desired, please contact 1.204.725.8700 ext 6716 to make arrangements for pre-approved testing. Please note, with the set-up of an alternate date/location, there is a non-refundable $100.00 fee that is applied to each exam. Registration for the upcoming exam dates opens on November 1st of each year. To register for pesticide exams, please use this registration form:  Pesticide Exam Registration. For additional details, read the FAQs below or visit the Manitoba Agriculture's website.
    5. Successfully completed exam(s): Within approximately two weeks of writing exam(s), you will receive a Final Grade Report by mail informing you of your grade along with a licence application.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often do I have to re-certify with ACC?

    Every five years.

    How often do I have to renew my license with MARD?

    Every year.

    What are the steps involved with getting my license?

    Step one is Certification; step two is Licensing.

    Assiniboine College is responsible for Pesticide certification and Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development (MARD) is responsible for Pesticide licensing.

    How much time should I allow to go through the process of getting my license from beginning to end?

    10 weeks.

    How do I know which courses (exams) I need for my job?

    Determine which license you need using the:


    If you are still unsure, please contact the Assiniboine Pesticide Certification program at 204.725.8700 ext. 6716.

    How do I get my manual?

    Manuals are purchased through Follett's Bookstore located in Assiniboine's Victoria Avenue East campus.

    To order your manuals online, follow these steps:

    Visit the bookstore website, select Books → Textbooks & Course Material→ all for Program → Fall 2015 → PEST for Department → get Course Number from Exam Registration form (last 4 digits of the exam).

    You can also call Follett's Bookstore at 1.800.862.6307 ext. 6788.

    I have a manual from six years ago- should I get a new one?

    Yes. Regulations and legislation change.

    What if I prefer to study in a classroom with an instructor?

    Workshops are optional but highly recommended.  They do not replace home study but are designed to ASSIST in preparing for exams.  To make the best use of the workshop, study in advance and bring your manual and questions with you.

    What if I need to change my exam date after I register?

    You must submit a completed Registration Change form to the Admissions & Registration department prior to 9 a.m. on the scheduled exam day.

    What if I am sick on the exam day?

    Notify Admissions & Registration and submit a copy of your medical certificate within five business days of the exam date to be transferred to another exam date at no charge.

    Can I register late or show up at the exam without registration?

    No, you must register at least ten business days before the exam date.

    How many exams can I write in one day?

    Two exams is the maximum. You may take a small break between exams.

    What if I fail my exam?

    To rewrite an exam, you must repeat the registration and fee payment process. If you fail on the second exam writing, you must contact the Pesticide Coordinator at 204.725.8700 ext. 7116.