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Global Immersion FAQs

Global Citizenship Immersions are designed for Assiniboine Community College domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents). These are one week immersions scheduled during a college break from classes. At least one college instructor will accompany the group to relate the learning to Assiniboine program curriculum.

There are many reasons to participate in the Global Citizenship Immersion Program. You make connections with another culture; experience your academic subject through a new lens; and develop cross-cultural knowledge and skills of increasing value to Canadian employers.

There are four Global Citizenship Immersions planned for March 2020. Please see more details below and program poster links:

  • Agriculture and Environment Global Citizenship Immersion in Brazil
  • School of Business Global Citizenship Immersion in England
  • Hotel and Culinary Global Citizenship Immersion in France and Germany
  • Early Childhood Education Global Citizenship Immersion in Sweden

Determine your eligibility

The following eligibility requirements must be met at the time of your application.

  • You are a current domestic student (Canadian citizen or permanent resident)
  • You are registered as full-time student in one of the designated programs
  • You are expected to maintain good academic standing. The program Dean will review your grades at time of application.

Note: Each Global Citizenship Immersion will require a minimum number of participants.


Applications must be submitted by October 25, 2019. Check the application forms under each program to apply.

Application decisions are available approximately one week after the application deadline. You will be notified on your college email whether you have been accepted to the Global Citizenship Immersion program.

Once you have received your notification, accept or decline your offer by contacting the Assiniboine International office. Accepting your offer will move your application to the next stage: self-assessment and discussion related to health and readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the online application? 

Open the Students tab at the top of Assiniboine’s website. Go to the Global Citizenship Immersions link. Choose your program’s Global Citizenship Immersion. You will find the application there. There is no application fee.

What do I do after I have submitted my application?

Decision emails will be sent a week after the application deadline. It is important to check your e-mail regularly for updates. While you are waiting, you are welcome to ask questions about the Global Citizenship Immersion.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the application? 

Please email the Global Citizenship Engagement Coordinator at or visit Room 145 at Victoria Avenue East campus.

Is there financial assistance?

Assiniboine Community College has a Global Citizenship Fund. This bursary fund is designed to help students interested in participating in the Global Citizenship Immersion program who demonstrate financial need. To apply for the bursary click on the form.

The Assiniboine College Students’ Association will assist students with group fundraising. Contact the Students’ Association for details.

Can I receive a bursary through the Global Citizenship Fund?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can apply. This bursary is based on financial need. In the application, you will answer questions about your expenses (tuition, other college expenses, living expenses) and about your income (including your spouse’s income). You may be asked for verification of the information after your application is reviewed.

Deadline is November 15, 2019.

To apply, go to    

All applications will be reviewed. Decisions about eligibility for the bursary, and amount of bursary for those eligible, will depend on a number of factors that can only be assessed when all applications are received. Decisions will be available in early December.

Questions?  Contact Bryce Neufeld, Associate Registrar,; 204-725-8700 ext. 6020; Room 116 Victoria Avenue East campus.

How can I receive some money through fundraising?

The Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association (ACCSA) will assist interested students in forming a club to do fundraising. The ACCSA will provide logistical support, including banking and administration of funds raised. The students in the club will be responsible for creating, organizing and staffing the fundraising activities themselves. See the ACCSA Club Guide – 2019/2020 on the ACCSA website under Services:

Do I need travel/health insurance?

Yes, insurance is required for students going on a Global Citizenship Immersion program. The cost is estimated at $42.50. Assiniboine International will post information about purchasing insurance after students have been accepted for the Global Citizenship Immersions.

When must I commit to participating?

November 22, 2019.

When must I make payments?

For England, France/Germany, Sweden immersions:

November 22, 2019: 10% of Customized Educational Programs Abroad (CEPA) program costs

2 months before: 50% of CEPA program costs (total now 60%)

1 month before: 40% of CEPA program costs (total now 100%)

For Brazil immersion:

2 months before: 40% of Campus B program costs

1 month before: 60% of Campus B program costs

For ALL immersions:

Flight costs payable based on airline and date of booking. See below.

Health insurance payable before leaving Brandon

Text package for phone payable before leaving Brandon

How are the flights booked and paid for?

Assiniboine works with McPhail Travel. As soon as the group is confirmed, McPhail will advise about possible options and Assiniboine will choose the best one based on times/cost. (Some destinations may have only one option for the required dates, however.) Assiniboine will send McPhail each student’s name and contact information to do a group booking.

Depending on the airline and date of booking, there may be two payments (a deposit and then the remainder) or there may be only one (full) payment. Students will pay McPhail directly.

Benefits of group booking: 1) Group airport pick-up and drop-off is included in program; 2) In the case of flight interruption, the airline will rebook the entire group together; 3) Group booking also includes group seat selection, one free checked bag,

How do I pay?

You pay directly to the company.

CEPA: You will receive an account and invoices through their payment portal Flywire. Using that portal, you can pay via credit card or wire transfer.

Campus B: You will pay by wire transfer to Campus B’s bank account.

McPhail Travel: Debit, credit card, cash.

Will I get my money back if I must cancel?

CEPA and Campus B will each have cancellation policies based on date of written cancellation. A decreasing portion of fees would be returned as departure date comes closer.

Airline fares will also have cancellation policies. The trip cancellation portion of your insurance will include provisions for reimbursement depending on reason.

What do meals and drinks cost in each country?

(Converted to Canadian currency based on exchange rate):

Brazil: Estimated per meal (including drink): CAD 13-20

Sweden: Lunch - $20 CAD // Dinner - $25 CAD // Treat (dessert/beer/wine) –$7.5-10 CAD

England: Lunch - $10 CAD // Dinner - 17 CAD // Treat (dessert/beer/wine) –$6 CAD

Germany: Lunch –$10 CAD // Dinner –$16 CAD // Treat (dessert/beer/wine) – $5 CAD

France: Lunch – $9 CAD // Dinner –$22 CAD // Treat (dessert/beer/wine) –$4.50 CAD