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Apply Early

If there are more qualified applicants than the program capacity, you may be put on a waitlist. If a seat becomes available, we offer the seat to applicants in date order. If a seat does not become available for a program, you will be given the opportunity to have your application moved forward to the next program intake date, unless you tell us to cancel your application.

Applicants are admitted on a first complete, first-served basis, and are placed on waitlists in the date order that their complete application was received.

For most programs at Assiniboine, (those that do not involve competitive entry procedures), qualified applicants are admitted on a first complete, first-served basis. You'll qualify for admission to a program once you have met all admission requirements. You can submit an application up to one year prior to the program start date. We start processing and accepting applications in October for the following September intake.

If you meet admission requirements, and there is space in the program, you will be sent an acceptance letter. You will need to confirm your acceptance by sending us a $400 (domestic) or $2,500 (international) non-refundable tuition deposit before the deadline stated on your acceptance letter. Accepted applicants must pay their non-refundable tuition deposit by the deadline specified on their letter of conditional acceptance, otherwise, that seat will be offered to another applicant from the waitlist.

In exceptional circumstances, if the number of applicants greatly exceeds the number that can be accommodated, applications may be suspended for a period of time.

Applicants who are refused admission to the college, for whatever reason, may contact the Registrar to request a review of the decision. Refer to our policies for more information.