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Submitting Transcripts

Submitting Official Transcripts

Initial assessments of transcripts are based on unofficial transcript uploads provided via the online application system; however, official transcripts must be submitted to verify your uploaded transcripts before final acceptance can be offered. Official means the original hard copy document, not photocopied, which can be provided to us in person or by mail. We do not accept faxed copies of transcripts. We will also accept electronic transcripts as official if they are emailed directly from the Registrar's Office of your prior post-secondary institution(s) or your High School administrative office to

If you attended more than one high school and/or more than one post-secondary institution, you must submit an official transcript for each school/institution.

Note: With few exceptions, transcripts sent to us become the property of the college and will not be returned. Official transcripts from institutions outside of Canada that are submitted directly by the applicant will be returned to the applicant.

High school transcripts in Canada

If you are a recent graduate, contact the high school you attended; they may be able to provide you a copy. You may be charged a fee for your transcript. If they don't have your record, they'll let you know who to contact. Or, contact the Ministry or Department of Education in the province you attended high school directly and request a copy of your transcript. You will be charged a fee for your transcript. In Manitoba, you'll need to print and submit a Request for a Manitoba High School Statement of Marks directly to Manitoba Education.

For other provinces/territories, contact information is available below:

High school transcripts outside of Canada

Contact your high school or Ministry of Education and request a copy of your transcript.

Post-secondary transcripts

Contact the post-secondary institution you attended and request a copy of your transcript. Many offer this service online, check their website for details.