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Congratulations! You have completed your studies at Assiniboine Community College (ACC) and you are moving on to the next chapter in your life. We wish you all the best.

Alumni Association

By staying involved with ACC after you graduate, you can maintain friendships, build professional connections, and know what’s happening at the college. The ACC Alumni Association is focused on strengthening and enhancing our presence in the community and we need your involvement to demonstrate alumni successes to others.

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Mission Statement

The Alumni Association is an organization that creates, enhances and preserves the fellowship of alumni through social, educational and cultural activities.

Vision Statement 

The Alumni Association is committed to being an efficient friend-raising organization that is highly visible and self-sustaining and whose alumni recognize it as active and representative of, as well as responsive to, its membership.


Assiniboine Community College "alumni" refers to anyone who earned a diploma, certificate or completed level 4 of an apprenticeship program; or was an employee, or is a retiree of Assiniboine Community College. There is no charge for membership and upon graduation, students automatically become members. You are an alumni if:

  1. you graduated from ACC with a certificate, diploma, or level 4 of an apprenticeship program.
  2. you have been employed by the college (including retirees).
  3. you have an interest in the goals and objectives of the Association or have a strong affinity for the college.

We want to stay connected with our alumni, so please let us know if your contact information has changed. Please complete the Stay Connected Form to update your contact information with ACC.

Be sure to follow us on social media channels and on LinkedIn.

For more information please contact Lisa Huston, Alumni Relations Coordinator at or call204.725.8700 or toll-free 800.862.6307 ext 7124.

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