Baljeet Singh BSc, MSc, PhD

Baljeet Singh BSc, MSc, PhD

College address

1430 Victoria Ave East,
Brandon, MB
R7A 2A9


Ag instructor

Dr. Baljeet Singh is a Faculty member in the Department of Agriculture and Environment at Assiniboine Community College, Brandon. He earned a Ph.D. (Soil Science) from the University of Manitoba (2016), in addition to an M.Sc. (Entomology) and B.Sc. Agriculture Hons. from Punjab Agricultural University, India. Dr. Singh has experience working with various national and international initiatives, having worked in academic, research and consulting collaborations focusing on entomology, agronomy, soil, and pesticides sciences.

Currently, Dr. Singh focuses on developing improved diagnostic tools (multiplex PCR based methods) for detection of soybean pathogens; the development of diseases and insect pest survey protocols; and agronomic research trials for soybean, peas and cereal crops. Dr. Singh is experienced in pesticide sorption and degradation research with a combination of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.

Areas of interest

  • Crop Pest Management
  • Crop Production Challenges
  • Soil Nutrient Management and Soil Health
  • Pesticide Degradation and Efficacy Studies
  • Agronomic Research Trials
  • Disease and Insect Pest Survey

Courses recently taught

AGRC-0162 Agro-Ecology

AGRC-0295 Crop Pest Management

AGRC-0290 Soil and Soil Fertility

ENVR-0037 Soil and Water

ENVR-0001 Agriculture and Environment

AGRC-0006 Agriculture Equipment

Recent publications / conference presentations

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