Sajjad A. Rao BSc, MSc, PhD

Sajjad A. Rao BSc, MSc, PhD

College address

Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts, rm. 115
North Hill Campus
1035, 1st Street North
Brandon, MB


Sajjad Rao

Dr. Rao is an accredited Canadian Plant Breeder and Agrologist, with over 25 years of progressive experience in applied research and teaching. Dr. Rao holds a PhD degree in plant science from The University of Liverpool, England U.K.

He has served in many academic and research positions, committees, boards of directors, and as an external examiner for post-graduate research studies with various universities. In addition to his academic work, Dr. Rao has experience working for multinational agricultural companies, holding senior-level management positions in which he developed a passion for leadership in R&D strategies.

In his professional career, Sajjad has made significant contributions in developing wheat varieties for North America, and in commercializing corn hybrids in the Asian-Pacific sphere. Currently, Dr. Rao’s research engages him in innovation of sustainable greenhouse production technologies, food systems, and in employing novel genetics in horticultural and agronomic field crops.

Areas of interest

  • Plant nutritional qualities
  • Plant proteins
  • Fruit quality and plant health
  • Foliar nutrients and soil biological stimulators
  • Sustainable greenhouse technology
  • New crop genetics
  • Local crop production and diversification

Courses recently taught

AGRC-0278 Crop production Methods

AGRC-0282 Business of Food Production

AGRC-0287 Sustainable Greenhouse Technologies

AGRC-0094 Integrated Pest Management

Horticulture School Webinar Series 2020

Recent publications / conference presentations

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