Students working in the HOLO Suite

Past Campaigns

Opportunities for giving include many projects small and large. Contact us at to learn about an opportunity that fits your interest.

Simulation Mannequin Campaign – HOLO Suite

2014-16 | $240,000 Raised

nursing student stands in front of simulation manniquin

Two healthcare simulation labs are offering some of the most advanced learning tools available to students across the country. Donors contributed $240,000 to make two HOLO (Hands-on Learning Opportunity) Suites a reality.

Human Patient Simulation Mannequins recreate a variety of major medical situations, enabling students to develop decision-making skills in a safe, controlled environment not available during their clinical practicum. The mannequins have features that mimic a human patient: they have a pulse; breath and convulse; respond to drug doses and IVs; and secrete blood, mucus, sweat and urine. The female mannequins even simulate a complete birthing experience. This learning environment provides an opportunity for interactive and authentic learning without risk to the patient, and students are able to witness the results of their actions in real time which can boost students’ self-confidence and help reduce anxiety.

Growing the Greenhouse Campaign – Sustainable Greenhouse

2010-12 | $450,000 Raised

Student inside of greenhouse pulling on plant

Our state-of-the-art sustainable greenhouse opened on our North Hill campus in 2013. The facility is 3,300 square feet and includes an experimental solar bay of about 1,300 square feet and a conventional bay of the same size, both connected to a header house. Research is conducted there by students, faculty and government projects. Learn about our research here.

Students from our Horticultural Production, Sustainable Food Systems, Land & Water Management and Culinary Arts programs use the greenhouse, weed identification garden, and adjacent grow plot for experiments, lab work and classroom learning.

Building on Demand Campaign – Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology

2007-10 | $900,000 Raised

two piping students kneel inside trades shop

The $46 million Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology (LECTT) opened in 2010, merging the renovated brick Pine Ridge building with a new steel structure. This 120,000-square-foot facility features innovative machine shops, laboratories, computer rooms and smart classrooms which houses trades and apprenticeship training. The new facility has allowed us to double apprenticeship enrolment.

LECTT holds Automotive, Carpentry & Woodworking, Construction Electrician, Heavy Duty Equipment, Industrial Metals Fabrication, Piping, and Power Engineer programs. The building also features The Link, a unique student lounging space that overlooks the Assiniboine River valley below.

Campaign Assiniboine – Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts

2006-07 | $550,000 Raised

Culinary students inside kitchen

At 5,400 square feet, MICA has a large, state of the art kitchen, four main classrooms as well as smaller classrooms for Continuing Studies programs and workshops. This Manitoba heritage building is a mix of old and new, where students study in oak-panelled rooms one moment and in a modern stainless steel kitchen the next.

MICA houses our Culinary Arts, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Horticultural Production and Sustainable Food Systems programs. It is also home to our locally famous Great Grey Owl restaurant and other events.