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Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

AG Belongs Here

Assiniboine College has a plan to grow from less than 300 students in agriculture, environment and related technology programs to more than 800 students.

This one-of-a-kind Canadian college project, located at Assiniboine’s North Hill campus, will combine indoor and outdoor learning spaces for seamless, hands-on experimentation and training experiences.

The Prairie Innovation Centre will support the demand for skilled and experienced agricultural training, increasing Assinboine’s on-campus capacity to more than 800 students annually.

Ag Sector

By 2025, one in five agricultural jobs could go unfilled unless something changes.

The Prairie Innovation Centre will the academic heart of agricultural and environmental education in Western Manitoba, preparing the next generation of skilled professionals.

Field to Fork

Through a combination of education, research and outreach, Assiniboine is finding new ways to improve food security and do its part to help build healthier and stronger communities, an approach the college calls ‘field to fork’. 


The centre will be a hub for new innovative programming such as Robotics and Industrial Automation, Food Science Technology and Advanced Agriculture while providing the opportunity for applied research and collaboration with industry experts.