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FAQs from Candidates

Where do I send my application for a career posting?

If you are interested in this career opportunity, please email your resume and cover letter to humanresources@assiniboine.net or mail to:

Assiniboine Community College
c/o Human Resources
1430 Victoria Ave East
Brandon MB R7A 2A9

Do I need a degree to work at Assiniboine Community College?

A degree both at an undergraduate and graduate level is essential for some positions and is recommended for most instructional positions. For administrative positions, a degree is essential in many positions such as deans, chairpersons, counsellors and senior management. Diplomas or certificates are required for most administrative positions such as administrative officers and administrative assistants.

What experience does the college require?

For instructional positions, it is critical that you have several years of related industry/business experience. This experience must be related to the discipline in which you will be teaching. The college prides itself on having faculty who are industry/business experts and are able to translate this experience into their teaching.

If you are a graduate of Assiniboine Community College, do you get preference in the hiring process?

No. The college follows a practice of screening all applicants based on the criteria outlined in the job advertisement. There have been exceptions to this in vacancies where having knowledge and experience in our college is a definite asset. The college, however, is proud of the number of graduates that it has hired and will continue to hire.

Do you accept unsolicited resumes?

Since most of the vacancies are advertised, it is preferable that you apply directly to the vacancy posted on our website. However, we will hold an unsolicited resume for a maximum six-month period for shorter-term or casual positions that would not be advertised.

Once I apply for an advertised position, how will I know if I will be interviewed?

Once the selection committee has reviewed/screened all the applicants, you will be called by the Human Resources Division to advise that you were short-listed and advanced to the next stage of the interview process (pre-interview, pre-interview assignment or interview). As stated in our job advertisement, only those candidates who meet the screening process will be contacted. Depending on the recruitment activity level, the contact could be any time following the competition close date and usually no longer than a few weeks.

Can I receive a copy of the position description?

Yes. You can request this from the Human Resources Division via e-mail, or telephone and will e-mail you a copy. Any questions that you may have about the position description can be directed to Human Resources.

Can I call you to inquire further about the position or the status of my application? For example: why the position is vacant, who is the supervisor, can you tell me more about the position?

Absolutely. We encourage you to ask as many questions needed to help you understand the job. You can send your request to Human Resources.

If you have already applied for the position and following the competition close date, should you wish to know the status of your application, you can email or call Human Resources.

What is a behaviour based interview?

Behaviour-based interviewing is a structured pattern of questions designed to probe the applicant’s past behaviour in specific situations. These types of questions have greatly assisted in determining suitability for the vacancy by probing for specific accomplishments. It is not whether the person can do the job, but will determine if they will do the job. It ensures “fit” in the college aligned with the vision, mission and values of the college.

If I’m called for an interview, will you tell me about the interview process and who will be interviewing me?

When Human Resources contacts you to advise that you have been selected for an interview, you will be given details as to time, date, location. In addition, you will be told about the interview process, approximate length of the interview, who will be on the interview panel, and whether there will be a presentation or tests (written, computer).

How can I request an accommodation for the interview process if needed?

You can definitely request an accommodation at any time throughout the application process. Assiniboine Community College is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that values diversity and ensures equal access for all employees. To request an accommodation or this document in an alternative format, please reach out at any stage of the recruitment process. You can contact us at 204-725-8729 or email us at humanresources@assiniboine.net. We are here to support your needs and promote a respectful and barrier-free experience for all.

Will my benefits from my current employer carry over to Assiniboine Community College?

If you are transitioning to ACC from the Government of Manitoba or Red River College Polytechnic, you could benefit from our Transfer of Benefits: Reciprocal Agreement (insert link) with these institutions. This agreement may allow you to transfer some of your current benefits, provided there is no interruption in your service. For additional details and to initiate the process of transferring your benefits, please review the policy here and be sure to inform our Human Resources department. We're here to assist you with a seamless transition.