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Interview & Selection Process

When applying for positions at the college, the process of selection and recruitment is multi-faceted.

  1. Pre-screening of applications. Methods used are the:
    • Paper screen – each applicant is evaluated on the qualifications criteria to determine whether the applicant meets the qualifications required
    • Pre-screen interview – personal interviews can be conducted to determine which of the candidates meets the qualifications criteria
    • Testing –directly related to the qualifications criteria to determine specific qualifications such as computer skills.
  2. Interview with a selection committee that will consist of some or all of the following:
    • Questions, including behavioural based questions, presentations, classroom simulation, work samples, role play and computer testing.
  3. Rating of each candidate interviewed.
  4. Reference check carried out by a member(s) of the selection committee by personal contact, telephone enquiry, e-mail enquiry or written communication.

Follow-up interviews may be conducted with some of the candidates to acquire further information.