Student Spotlight: Lisa Lecheminant


My family and I immigrated from the United Kingdom in 2019 and seven weeks later, I was attending international orientation before starting Culinary Arts. It was extremely daunting as a mature student; however, the team at Assiniboine, Carey Pod in particular, really made me feel welcome.

Arriving in Canada
Lisa and her family arriving in Canada

I have some great memories of the college events, speaking and serving members of the community. The smudge sharing circle became an exceptional memory for all of our class; I really enjoyed learning about Indigenous culture.

I am most proud of how I have learned to plate and showcase a meal; I enjoy this artistic side of the program, and I love to share via social media the dishes we have made in class and the event pictures.

I’ve found Assiniboine to be a very inclusive college and supportive of student life. It’s much more relaxed than I expected or that I am used to coming from the U.K.

It’s quite busy studying full time and raising a family, and I am looking forward to spending a lot more quality time with my family when I complete my program. I have studied and had a successful business from previous courses in my adult life, but this program has turned around my initial thoughts of what I believed I would enjoy the most. I enjoy baking but cooking, developing and refining my skills has been the most enjoyable and, in my opinion, useable part of the program up until now.

Lisa Collage

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