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Distance Education

New Applicants

We are accepting new applications to the following distance education programs, (including all courses):

  • Advanced Diplomas: Early Childhood Program Management
  • Diplomas: Early Childhood Education
  • Certificates: Comprehensive Health Care Aide; Education Assistant;
  • Document of Achievements: Nursing Foot Care 

You must apply and be accepted to one of these programs before you are eligible to register for the courses. 

* Effective July 1, 2018, new applications were CLOSED to Business Administration distance programs to allow time for preparation of new and improved distance offerings. Changes include; reducing the range of specializations available from seven to four choices, namely: Accounting, Financial Services, Marketing or Human Resources Management; and reducing the number of credits required to graduate from 135 to 120. Current students have a maximum of 5 years from their start date to complete the program.

Current Distance Education Students:

Once you have been accepted into a program, you can register for your first course. To see when courses are being offered throughout the year, how much each course costs, and how long you have to complete each individual course, please view: 2019-20 Distance Education by Program. This pdf lists all course offerings for 2019-20 for students who are active in the Business, Office, CHCA, CHCA Challenge, ECE, ECPM, EA, PN refresher, Nursing Footcare programs, and a summary of relevant policies.

To register for a course, either complete a registration form and mail it in with your payment OR call us 204.725.8701 to register with a credit card.

You can register at any time, but the deadline to register is the 20th of the prior month. Example: for February 1st courses, the deadline to register is January 20th. You can register for any advertised course in advance - you don't need to wait for the deadline. Please note that you must have already applied and been accepted to a program before you are eligible to register for a course. 

Once you have registered for your course, you will receive information about your instructor, how to purchase your textbook(s) and course delivery.

We recommend that you start with one course to get a feel for course load. After that, it's up to you how many courses you take.

Please ensure that you review our academic policies, including policy A20: Registering, Adding and Dropping Courses, which explains the refund policy for distance education courses; and A10: Maintaining Active Student Status, which details how often you need to complete a course to remain active in your program.

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