Be part of a team that helps children succeed in the classroom. Develop the skills necessary to make a difference supporting the needs of diverse learners.

Fill a vital role in classrooms, working closely with students of all ages. This program will give you the skills you need to start your career in education.

Develop confidence and skills to work in classrooms, special education or life skills programs. The practicum component provides you networking opportunities with valuable work experience prior to graduation.

As an Education Assistant, your friendliness, consideration and patience is essential as you work with school-aged children from diverse backgrounds. Your career in this field will help the children you work with, as well as enrich your own life. 

Find work as an education assistant in primary, middle or senior years schools, as a direct aide for students with specific special needs, as a respite youth worker, or as a private assistant for children who need your extra help.

Please note: We are currently not accepting any new students into the distance delivery of this program; however, applicants are able to apply to this program and will be waitlisted for future course registration.


  • A complete Manitoba Grade 12 or equivalent

  • Current criminal record check

  • Current child abuse registry check

  • Proof of current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Level C

Many agencies where students are placed for practicum experience require students to disclose convictions for any offenses. In some instances, applicants with a criminal record or listed on the Child Abuse Registry may be unable to complete the program. If you fall into one of these categories, please contact the School of Health & Human Services prior to applying.

Please use the Education Assistant Application Checklist to help you submit a complete application for this program.

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information. 

Careers & Connections


Graduates find employment as classroom assistants in primary, middle and senior years schools, direct aides for students with a disability, social service agency youth workers, and private assistants for children requiring extra help.


Graduates may be eligible to receive advanced standing in several other programs, including Early Childhood Education at Assiniboine.

Assiniboine has a number of agreements with other colleges, universities and professional organizations, making it possible for students to apply credit taken at Assiniboine to programs at other institutions. For up-to-date information on agreements, visit the Articulation Agreements page.

Tools & Supplies

During this 16 week program, you will have the unique experience of participating in elementary school activities one day per week throughout the final 12 weeks of the program.

Textbooks, supplies and uniforms for all of our programs and courses may be purchased at the Assiniboine Bookstore at the Victoria Avenue East Campus. Booklists are available from your school office 30 days prior to the start date of your program. Visit the Assiniboine Bookstore’s website to learn more.

Our classrooms, labs and shops are equipped with the necessary equipment that you need to make the most of your experience. However, there are some tools and supplies that you will need to purchase for personal use to help you with your studies. Much of what you purchase you’ll be able to use after you graduate and begin your career. Tool and supply lists are available from the school office 30 days prior to the start date of the program.

Program Checklist:


Note: The cost ($90) for digital, day-one access to the e-textbook for PEDV-0345 College Foundations, a mandatory course, will be applied to the applicable student accounts. Students are not required to purchase additional course materials for this course.


At-Home Computing

Programs at Assiniboine have certain technology requirements. Students require access to computer devices at home and may be required to bring these on campus when instructed.

For this program, you are expected to have access to a computer at home. It should have a webcam, microphone and internet access to enable remote learning for the theory portions of your programs.

At-Home Computing Information

Courses & Costs

To graduate with an Education Assistant certificate, students must successfully complete 30 academic credits and 2 practical credits.

 Estimated Program Costs

Tuition, fees and Students’ Association fees total approximately $2,210. Estimated cost for books and supplies is $1,130. All fees are estimated and subject to change without notice. 


Title Credits/CEUs Elective Distance PLAR
Child Development (PSSY-0066)

This course involves the study of the development of the school age child, through theory, research and observation. Students apply their knowledge of physical, social/emotional, language and cognitive development to plan developmentally appropriate, stimulating activities for children from kindergarten to grade 12. Information is provided on child development theorists.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Children's Special Needs (PSSY-0067)

This course provides an overview of the inclusion of children with extra support needs in school settings. It examines the causes and characteristics of a variety of exceptionalities, as well as their effect on the child's development. Existing practices of assessment, referral and treatment of school-age children are explored. The focus is on practices and procedures necessary for including children with diverse abilities in school settings.

6 credit(s) No Yes Yes
College Foundations (PEDV-0345)

This course will improve students’ ability to navigate the college experience and environment. In this course, students will reflect on their skills, attitudes, and expectations and develop learning strategies to help them to become successful, resilient, and selfdirected learners. The course covers topics such as success in online learning, time management strategies, communication skills, test taking strategies, academic integrity, and information literacy, among others. It integrates elements of student orientation.

0 credit(s) No No No
Computer Skills (COMP-0353)

In this course, students learn file management, email and Internet concepts. They use a popular word processing package to prepare professional documents.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Cross-Cultural Education (PSSY-0024)

This course explores cultural and ethnic diversity in a broad way and illustrates how this impacts on the lives and attitudes of growing children. Multi-cultural, anti-bias and global education philosophies are explored, enabling students to develop a program that is inclusive and both respects and celebrates diversity.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Guiding Children's Behaviour 1 (ECED-0040)

Prerequisite: COMM-0189 Observation & Report Writing
This course introduces the basic concepts of guidance and strategies educational assistants use to provide children with a nurturing and respectful learning environment in which to grow.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Interpersonal Communications (COMM-0035)

This course provides students with a general introduction to the theory and principles of interpersonal communication. Students develop and practice skills to improve communication effectiveness.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Learning Styles (PSSY-0054)

This course assists students in understanding learning styles and the effects learning styles have on the individuals' ability to learn. It also explores learning disabilities.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Observation & Report Writing (COMM-0189)

Educators need to know that accurate written observation is required in order to understand and report the behaviour of children. This course provides an opportunity for students to become skilled in writing observations, research papers, reports, summaries and analyses. Appropriate documentation for the workplace is covered in this course.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes
Practicum - EDAST (PRAC-0165)

Cumulative weighted grade point average (CWGPA) of 2.0 or greater
The practicum correlates with the theory and skills taught in other courses in the program. It enables students to integrate theory into practice. This practicum is under the close supervision of college instructors. Pre and post-conferences are provided to relate theory to practices. Students have practicum experiences in educational settings.

2 credit(s) No Yes No
Professionalism (PEDV-0132)

This course provides educational assistants, functioning as team members, with the knowledge essential to provide quality education, demonstrating professional and ethical behaviour in the educational setting.

3 credit(s) No Yes Yes

Distance Education

Find out more about applying to this Distance Education program, the cost and how to register for a course once you have been accepted to a program.

Fall 2020
Course Name Credits Start Date End Date
PRAC-0165 Practicum 2 01-Oct 30-Dec
PSSY-0067 Children’s Special Needs 6 01-Nov 30-April
PSSY-0054 Learning Styles 3 01-Nov 28-Feb
ECED-0040 Guiding Children’s Behaviour 3 01-Dec 31-March


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