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At-Home Computing

For 'At-Home Computing' programs, students are expected to have a computer at home with internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended device for at-home computing?

A Windows 10 or 11 based computer is recommended. Windows 10 and 11 are the most compatible with Assiniboine systems and applications.

I have my own personal portable device. Can I bring this device on campus if I'm not in a BYOD program?

Yes you can, with approval from your instructor.

Can I use a device at home that is not a desktop, laptop or tablet?

While much can be done with devices like Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, they are not guaranteed to support all course-related software. A Windows 10 or 11 based computer is recommended.

What if I already have a laptop or PC? How do I see if my current device meets the Windows 10 recommendation?

How to find your version of Windows and current computer specifications:

  1. Click the Start button in the task bar
  2. Click the Gear icon (Settings)
  3. Click System
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list on the left, click About
    1. In the Device specifications section, you will find information about your processor (CPU) and installed RAM
    2. In the Windows specifications section, you will find your Windows edition and version
I have a Mac, can I use that as my at-home computing device?

Yes, however your experience may differ. Windows 10 and 11 based computers offer the most compatibility with Assiniboine applications.

I am a returning student, do I need a device for at-home computing?

Yes, all students in At-Home Computing programs are expected to own or acquire an at-home computing device (laptop or PC).

What if I don't have and can't afford an at-home device?

Students are encouraged to explore all options with regards to applying for financial assistance.

Students may be eligible for government student loans and grants, scholarships and bursaries, Indigenous sponsorship (band or MMF), Training and Employment Services and/or line of credit through the bank/credit union. Also refer to

Students may wish to explore options offered by Computers for School Manitoba.

If students have exhausted all means of funding they should meet with their Student Success Advisor for assistance in exploring other options such as Emergency loan/bursary, temporary laptop loan or other.

Will Financial Aid pay for my at-home device?

Manitoba Student Aid includes $500 in every student's assessment which is aimed toward computer-related expenses.

Will my sponsor pay for an at-home device?

Students are encouraged to discuss the cost of an at-home device with their sponsor.

Do I need to get internet at home if I don't have it?

Yes, you will need internet at home or to have a location where you can access the internet regularly. You can work with a local company to have it installed or if you have a phone with a data plan, you may be able to tether your computer to your phone. Please be aware that you may incur extra data charges or exceed your monthly allotment while tethering. Check with your provider for availability and the best option for you.

I don't have Microsoft Office on my at-home device, how do I get it?

As a student at Assiniboine, you can install the latest and fully licensed version of Microsoft Office.

  • PC/Mac: go to and login with your Assiniboine credentials. You can either use web-based versions of Office apps directly on this site, or you can download the fully licensed Office suite directly onto your computer using the Install Office link on the top right of the page. See article for more details.

  • Apple IOS devices (iPhone/iPad): You can download Word, Excel or PowerPoint apps from the App Store. Use your Assiniboine credentials to login to the application when prompted.

  • Android: You can download Word, Excel or PowerPoint apps from the Play Store. Use your Assiniboine credentials to login to the application when prompted.

  • Chromebook: Must be used through the link to an online version of the application.

Can ITS help me if I'm having issues with my personal device at home?

Refer to ITS Knowledgebase for assistance with common issues before contacting the IT Service Desk.

What ITS can support:

  • Logging into Assiniboine programs and services
  • Assisting installation of Assiniboine applications

What ITS cannot support:

  • Data recovery
  • Hardware repair/replacement/acquisition
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Home network issues
I'm having issues with my home network, who do I contact?

Due to the various configurations of devices and equipment ITS cannot assist in troubleshooting your home network.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Reboot/power cycle the device that's having issues
  • Reboot/power cycle any home networking equipment (routers, modems, access points, etc.)
  • Use a wired connection from your device to the router/modem, if possible
  • If using your device wirelessly, try to position yourself as close to the access point/router as possible or be in a clear line-of-site.

Below are the support websites for several Internet Service Providers in Manitoba, who may be able to assist you in any further troubleshooting or service:

Bell MTS
Westman Communications

Can ITS fix or service my personal at-home device?

No, you will need to connect with a local computer repair service or return to the location where you purchased your personal device.

Please refer to the ITS Knowledgebase for further information and any questions you may have about using your device and troubleshooting issues.