Student working in the library

Work Opportunities

Assiniboine International employs a Registered International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA).  She can offer basic advice to students about study permits and work permits.  (She cannot complete applications for you, and cannot represent you.)

There are several opportunities for full-time international students to work in Canada. At Assiniboine, a "full-time student" is registered in at least 18 credits in each four month term.

On-Campus Work

You may work on-campus if you are a full-time student. However, Assiniboine has very, very few jobs for students.

Co-Op/Practicum Work

If your program has a required "practicum" or "cooperative education" course, whether paid or unpaid, you must apply for a "co-op work permit" for Assiniboine.  You cannot use a co-op permit from another school.  This is different than working part-time if your study permit allows (you can do both the "co-op" or "practicum" hours AND part-time work).

Apply for the Co-op Permit

Off-Campus Work

Most full-time international students in a post-secondary or advanced diploma program can use their study permit to work part-time off-campus for up to 20 hours per week and full-time during college-scheduled breaks. (English for Academic Purposes or Mature Student HIgh School students cannot work off-campus.) Check your study permit; it should include a condition allowing you to work part-time. 

You must remain a full-time student in every term (semester), with the exception of college-scheduled breaks and your final term. More information is available here.

Post-Graduation Work

Students who have completed a program of at least eight months may be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit that allows them to work after program completion.

You must remain a full-time student in every term (semester), with the exception of college-scheduled breaks and your final term. More information is available here.

Volunteer Work

You may volunteer in Canadian organizations, to gain Canadian experience and meet more people.  These positions are unpaid, and volunteers cannot do the work of regular paid employees. You do not need a work permit for these positions. Assiniboine International can suggest organizations that might interest you.

Contact Assiniboine International at if you have questions.