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Graduation FAQs

Are you graduating? Great!

See below for answers to common questions related to graduating.

Documents (from the college) FAQs:

What documents will the college provide, and is there a cost?
  • Certificate or Diploma: Will be mailed to the postal address in your MyACC. No fee.
  • Final Transcript: One will be mailed to the postal address in your MyACC with your certificate or diploma. No fee. But—if you need a transcript before or after you receive the “no fee” one, you will need to order and pay for that additional transcript.
  • Completion Letter: Must be ordered online. It will be mailed to the postal address in your MyACC account. Fee. Ensure your address is correct; you can update your address in MyACC (takes 1-2 business days).
When can I order a completion letter and/or final transcript?

You can order your completion letter and/or final transcript when all your final grades have been entered. Check Grade Information in MyACC to ensure all grades are entered before requesting any documents. Please do not order documents before you see all grades in MyACC.

How do I order a completion letter and transcript?

Order your completion letter online with a credit card.

When will I get documents I have ordered?

The Registrar’s Office generally processes documents within 3 to 5 business days after a complete request is received, including payment.

All documents are mailed via Canada Post to the address in the User Profile in MyACC. Students must ensure this address is correct before submitting a request. If documents are mailed to an incorrect address, students will be required to pay for replacement documents to be mailed to the correct address. Assiniboine cannot control the time it takes for mailed documents to be delivered by Canada Post.

Can I pick up my documents?

No. Paper documents will be mailed via Canada Post to the address in the User Profile in MyACC. If you want an electronic copy of a letter or transcript, provide that information in your order.

Other questions about documents?

Email registration@assiniboine.net. Use your student number. Please contact Registration only if there is a problem with a document that you have received, or if you have not received your documents after the processing time has passed.

International Students and Graduation

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Application

Carefully read all information on the IRCC website; start here.

From the How to Apply page, enter your online IRCC account (Create an account if you don’t have one already.) Begin the application and answer the questions. Based on your answers to the questions, the system will give you your list of required documents and fees.

Save your application—but don’t submit it until you can complete it. You can re-open a saved application and continue working on it as you need to.

Working after Program Completion

If your study permit has not expired, you can work:

  • 20 hours/week maximum until the date you receive the first official notice of graduation (completion letter or transcript or diploma/certificate) from the Registrar’s Office.
  • 0 hours between the date you receive the first official notice of graduation and the date you submit your post-graduation work permit application.
  • Full time starting on the date you submit your complete post-graduation work permit application.

Recommendations: Avoid a “gap” between receiving notice of graduation (1) and submitting your PGWP application (3). Get everything ready for your PGWP application (but don’t submit yet) and order the document(s) from the college. On the same day as you receive the documents, complete the PGWP application and submit it.

And, if you have a job, tell your employer you will need to work only 20 hours/week at first. You will need to wait for the documents from the college, and then apply for your post-graduation work permit. You can legally work full-time, after you apply for the PGWP.

Questions about post-graduation work permit application or about allowable work hours: you can email international@assiniboine.net and reference your student number.

Health Insurance

Check your policy email from guard.me international insurance. This will show the expiry date for your insurance; for most students, student insurance was for 12 months.

Your guard.me health insurance will likely expire before you can receive Manitoba Health insurance. Most graduates will need a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) to apply for Manitoba Health, but PGWP processing could take 4-5 months.

Recommendation: buy insurance immediately after guard.me expires, until you receive Manitoba Health. guard.me sells “extension” insurance; click here for information.

Questions about health insurance: use the health insurance website and contact them directly. Use the policy number you received from guard.me.

Inviting Family Members to Graduation Event

For a family member’s visa application, the college does not write an invitation letter; you do. IRCC website link.

Recommendations: Include Graduation event information from the college website. McGill University’s sample letter might be a guide for you: click here.