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Online Learning

Continuing Studies meets you at home to expand your skills and knowledge where and when you can get the most from your learning. Alongside our academic partners, Ed2Go and UGotClass, Assiniboine welcomes you to explore all of our online education opportunities.

These programs and courses offer you the education needed to get a leg up in your career or prepare for a new one. Along with enhancing job-specific skills in your sector, these online offerings can enhance your soft skills—something employers seek out and indicate are just as essential as concrete skills.

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Online Courses with Ed2Go

Through an ongoing partnership with Ed2Go, Assiniboine offers over 200-course topics. These offerings are best suited for someone looking to expand their knowledge or skills in their area of interest or occupation.

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Online Programs with UGotClass

Through our partnership with UGotClass, Assiniboine offers online certificate programs that teach modern, relevant skills in cutting-edge areas from business to web development.

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Featured Online Programs at Assiniboine

As part of Continuing Studies’ ongoing opportunities, we offer several Assiniboine credential programs online.

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