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Getting Started

Registered? Get Started with Your Distance Education

If you have already registered for your distance course you should have received a welcome letter from us containing your instructor's name and contact information as well as an enrolment key if the course is delivered online.


Students can access their financial accounts and academic records online using MyACC. If you have never accessed MyACC before, go to “Account Information” in the lower right-hand corner of the page. The initial password for all student accounts is your birth date entered as a string of 6 digits: YYMMDD (i.e. November 2, 1978, is 781102). Passwords must be at least 6 characters long. If you experience difficulties with your username or password, please go to “Contact Us” on the MyACC homepage.

To find your User ID and Password:


  • Click on the “Account Information” link found on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
  • Click on the link to “What’s my User ID” under User Account.
  • Enter the required information and click “Submit” A screen will appear indicating your User ID. Record this information in a secure place.


Moodle is used to deliver online courses. Moodle can be accessed directly from

Your Moodle account UserID and Password is the same as your college network UserID and Password. You must log in to MyACC first and change your temporary password before logging in to Moodle. Note there is no way to change your password in Moodle itself. Once your password has been changed in MyACC, use your new password to login to MyACC, Moodle online courses and your account at the college.


  • Both your college computer account username & password and are case sensitive.
  • You cannot change your password through Moodle. You can change your password through MyACC. Changing your password in MyACC will change your password for Moodle to the same password.
  • To exit MyACC you should always log out to close the session. Click the ‘Log Out’ tab at the top or bottom of the window. After clicking the ‘Log Out’ tab you will be prompted to close your internet browser.

College email

To access your college email, go to and click on Outlook Web App. You'll need your username and password (see above) to log in.

If you experience problems when attempting to log in to Moodle or any other ACC computer systems (MyACC, WebMail), please contact the IT Service Desk at 800.862.6307 ext 6765 or