Nursing Lab & Holo Suite

Nursing Labs & HOLO Suite

Nursing Labs & HOLO (Hands-on Learning Opportunity) Suite

Two healthcare simulation labs are offer advanced learning tools available to students. Human Patient Simulation Mannequins recreate a variety of major medical situations, enabling students to develop decision-making skills in a safe, controlled environment not available during their clinical practicum.

Students with instructor working in a nursing lab.

The mannequins have features that mimic a human patient: they have a pulse; breath and convulse; respond to drug doses and IVs; and secrete blood, mucus, sweat and urine. The female mannequins even simulate a complete birthing experience. This learning environment provides an opportunity for interactive and authentic learning without risk to the patient, and students are able to witness the results of their actions in real time which can boost students’ self-confidence and help reduce anxiety.