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How do I request a transcript from Assiniboine?

You can request an official copy of your transcript by:

  1. MyACC: Log into your MyACC account and paying with Visa or MasterCard. You can also order a confirmation of enrolment letter here.
  2. Online: If you don't have a MyACC login, you can submit a Document Request. You can also use this to order a replacement credential.
  3. By Mail: Print the Document Request Form, fill it out and mail it with a cheque or money order payable to Assiniboine Community College to Registrar's Office, Assiniboine Community College, 1430 Victoria Avenue East, Brandon, MB  R7A 2A9. 
  4. In Person: Visit the Registrar's Office, located on the ground floor at the Victoria Ave East Campus in Brandon.

There is a charge of $15 (+GST) for a duplicate transcript. Please note that duplicate documents will not be issued if there is an outstanding balance owing to Assiniboine.

If you are applying to us, you do not need to submit your Assiniboine transcript(s). 

Adult Collegiate Transcripts

If you attended our Adult Collegiate prior to 2001, you'll need to contact Manitoba Education for your transcript.

Apprenticeship Transcripts

Apprenticeship transcripts may only be obtained from Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Transcripts sent to third parties

If you want your transcript sent to someone other than you, or want it sent to a post-secondary institution, be sure to specify the name and address (including postal code) in your request.


How do I get an official transcript to submit to Assiniboine?

For high school transcripts in Canada

If you are a recent graduate, contact the high school you attended; they may be able to provide you a copy. You may be a charged a fee for your transcript. If they don't have your record, they'll let you know who to contact.

OR contact the Ministry or Department of Education in the province you attended high school directly and request a copy of your transcript. You will be charged a fee for your transcript. In Manitoba, you'll need to print and submit a Request for a Manitoba High School Statement of Marks directly to Manitoba Education.

For other provinces/territories, contact information is available here.

For high school transcripts outside Canada

Contact your high school or Ministry of Education and request a copy of your transcript.  

For post-secondary transcripts

Contact the post-secondary institution you attended and request a copy of your transcript. Many offer this service online, check their website for details.


Submitting Official Transcripts

You can request that your transcript(s) be mailed to you or directly to Assiniboine Community College. If mailed to you, you must send the official transcript with your application, so do not open the envelope. Transcripts are only considered official if they arrive at Assiniboine in an envelope from the sending institution that has not been opened.

If you attended more than one high school and/or more than one post-secondary institution, you must submit an official transcript for each school/institute. Please remember that official transcripts are those that are sent directly from the other school to Assiniboine. If you receive a transcript and open the envelope, we will not consider that an official transcript.

We do not accept faxed copies. Note that all transcripts sent to us become the property of the college and will not be returned.

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