Culinary student working durning the Great Grey Owl event

Competitive Entry

Some Assiniboine programs are competitive entry and require applicants to meet additional requirements for the purposes of application selection. This means that successful applicants are selected from the pool of qualified applicants which, based on criteria, ensure the best fit for the demands of the program. Not all evaluated applicants are selected.

Please use the application checklist for each program to help you collate the list of documents that you need to included with your program application. When you apply online, the online application guides you through the required documentation and helps ensure you submit all items.

Competitive entry programs do not maintain waitlists. A small stand-by list will be maintained once all seats are filled; acceptable applicants are informed that they are on the stand-by list. If a seat becomes available in the same academic year of the application, a stand-by applicant will be offered a seat.

Applications to competitive entry programs are only valid for the academic year that the applicant applies for. Any applicant not offered a seat in the academic year that they applied to, will need to reapply to a future academic year.

Program Application Checklist Competitive Entry Requirement Deadline
Practical Nursing* Reviewed monthly
Public Safety (Certificate) Reviewed monthly
Public Safety (Advanced) Reviewed monthly

*Applicants to the Practical Nursing program must submit a complete application, including the competitive entry requirement by the deadlines noted on the Admissions tab of the program page.