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Authorized Agents

The agents listed below are recognized as authorized international student recruiting agents for our college. If you are unsure if an agent has a relationship with our college, please contact us directly at

Our college upholds the expectation that agents follow the International Education Act and the Code of Practice and Conduct Regulations established by the provincial government. Assiniboine will immediately terminate an agreement with an agent should they be found to be in contravention of the International Education Act and/or the Code Of Practice and Conduct Regulations.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized agent with our college, you can view that process here.

Use the search box below to search for an authorized agent by country.

You are welcome to apply directly to Assiniboine, or with the assistance of an agent/representative. Your application is treated in the same way. Assiniboine Community College does not give preference to students applying through an agent/representative.

Agency Agent Email Countries/Regions
100th Meridian Immigration Lindsay Rubeniuk South America & Eastern Europe
A4S - Agency for Students Viviana Giraldo Bedoya Latin America, Colombia and Australia
AJV Services Arun Jacob Australia, New Zealand
Alternativa Canada Inc. Benjamin Nunez Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Latin America
ApplyBoard (Easy Education) Meti Basiri Philippines, Vietnam
Babel Studies Julian Gonzalez Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Central America
CanadaLike Education (Kiwi Education Canada) Gleb Kobets Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil
Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services Jacques Therrien South America, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa
Canada Destino Sandra Teixeira Brazil, Colombia
Canada Glory Immigration Ltd Lily Zhou China
Canadian International Education Service Center (CIESC) Xue Yong Zhang, Dong Zhang China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada
Canam Consultants Limited Anuraj Sandhu India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, UAE, Kuwait, Kenya, Iran
Charms Education and Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. Rahul Paitka India
College Canada Emily Jeong South Korea
CW Immigration Services Inc. Pardeep Kaur Gill South Asia, Philippines, China, Nigeria, Kenya
Dai Duong Education Nguyen Anh Tuan Vietnam, Canada, USA, Australia
Educare International Mohamed Riza Kalanther Lebbe Sri Lanka
Education Abroad Latin America LLC Andres Artunduaga Latin America & Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala
EduvietGlobal Study Abroad TA Huy Hung Vietnam
Extudia SAS Yazmin Herrera Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Dominican Republic
Four Seasons Global Education Assistance Ltd (formerly Wise Education) Ben Ryan Ybanez Philippines, Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa
Futurelink Visa Consultants Pvt Ltd Santosh Ramrakhiani India
Global Education Alliance (A Plus) Milly Gu Philippines, China, Vietnam
Global Link Studies Carla Navarro Latin America
Global Migration Services Carlos Andres Moreno Mora Colombia
Grasshopper International Veronica Bustamante Colombia, Mexico, Australia
Great Start Canada Immigration Daniel Peimbert Latin America, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic
Honest Education Terry Kim Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan
Ideal Immigration Service Inc. Elaine Xu, Jessica Wang, Grace Wen China
ILSC Education Group Sonia Fantauzzi South Korea, Latin America, Brazil, China, Taiwan
Immiland Canada Inc Eddy Ramirez Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic
ISC Education and Migration Group S.A.S. Manuel Guevara Latin America
ISET Co. Ltd Dinh Thi Thuy Hang Vietnam
Kanan International Pvt. Ltd Sonal Shah India
KC Overseas Education Private Ltd (Krishna Consultants) Pankaj Agrawal India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam and Nigeria
LSF Immigration Consultants Linda Azucena Salas Perez "Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, England, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong"
Martie Kruger Immigration Canada Martie Kruger South Africa, Namibia
Multilinks Immigration Services Ltd. Baljit Sandhu India, Nepal
Network Canada Kenneth Zaifman Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Japan, South America, Eastern Europe, US, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria
Overseas Frontiers Inc. Carmen Zelaya Latin America including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Panama, Honduras, Dominican Republic
Professional Upgrading Fernando Jaramillo Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Spain, Portugal
Protégé Immigration Consulting Services Ltd. Rui Zhang China
R2R Career Education & Visa Professionals Group Arturo Mendez Philippines
Renaissance Immigration Services Michael Grant Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Australia
Smart Be Inc. Ilya Dolgonos Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Philippines, Latin America, Middle East
Student World Carlos Villasenor Latin America, Mexico
StudyLink Company Ltd Nguyen Hong Ha Vietnam
STUDYUA LLP Anna Kopala Ukraine
Stu-View Overseas Service Charles Kim Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Latin America
True Vine Immigration & Settlement Canada Jemie Liwanag Philippines
UCI Group Michal Ohayon Israel
Woori Education Group Sean W.J. Yi, Alec Oh Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Peru, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Ukraine, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Indonesia, Philippines, Colombia, Jamaica, Bahamas
Yazigi Travel Intercambios Maura Leao,, Brazil
YouTOO Project Natalia Guarin Spain, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru

Becoming an Authorized Agent

If you are interested in becoming an agent representative for Assiniboine Community College, the steps below outline the process.

  1. Complete the New Agent Request Form. Be sure to type your answers or write legibly. New Agent Request Form
  2. Supply a minimum of three (3) references from other colleges, universities or private institutions
  3. Identify any affiliation with local, national, international and other organizations
  4. Send the completed form to
  5. Our Administrative Coordinator will review and process your complete application
  6. Following Administrative Coordinator’s review, a recommendation is submitted to Vice-President International for final approval.
  7. Following Vice-President International approval, the agency becomes an official agent of Assiniboine Community College for a defined period, subject to performance review prior to renewal
  8. Agent on-boarding process with the International Coordinator
  9. Information about agent will be posted on our website (as per The International Education Act)