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International Student at the North Hill Campus

Admission Requirements for International Students

The basic admission requirement for college eligibility is the equivalent of a Manitoba high school diploma. Additional admission requirements are set at the program level, such as specific subject requirements at a Grade 12 level. See each program page for details.

English is the language of instruction and official college communication at Assiniboine. Each program sets its own English language proficiency requirements. Please check individual program requirements, as these may differ from the minimum language requirement for admission. All applicants must meet or exceed the level of English language skills as outlined in the program’s admissions requirements.

Applicants must demonstrate ability in English that will meet the demands of classroom instruction, discussions and written assignments.

If English is not the student’s first/primary language and they are not from an English test-exempt country, they must provide supporting documentation to show they meet one of the acceptable conditions. Students will not be admitted until this requirement has been met.

If your high school education is from a country outside of Canada, or if you are an international student, please see our international admission requirements.

Regular Programs

All regular programs require an equivalent (from your home country or another Canadian province) to a Manitoba Grade 12 diploma, including a “Language Arts” (in your first language) in the 12th year of study (or later). Most programs also require a Mathematics in the 12th year of study (or later). Note: "40S" in Manitoba means the 12th year of schooling; in many countries that is called "senior" or "higher" secondary level.

Some regular programs require an advanced level of mathematics or a minimum grade in language arts. Refer to the "Admission Requirements" on each program page for this information.

All applicants must meet English language proficiency requirements. Please visit the English Language Proficiency page to ensure you meet requirements. If you do not, consider our English for Academic Purposes program or one of the other programs listed on that page. If you have questions, email international@assiniboine.net.

You will also need proficiency with keyboarding and basic computer applications, as you will do much of your schoolwork using a computer, and many programs do not teach these skills.

Note: For some programs including Accounting with Co-op, Agribusiness, Civil Technician, Finance with Co-op, Horticultural Production, Land and Water Management, and Sustainable Food System programs, we strongly encourage you to have a driver's licence. Access to a car will also be beneficial to you.

A driver's licence is not an admissions requirement, but if you do not have one, you may not be able to graduate from the program. In the practicum or co-op in these programs, most work opportunities will require you to drive to locations outside of the city bus service. If you do not have a driver's licence, you may not be able to find a practicum/co-op placement, as required for graduation. Receiving a Manitoba driver's licence can take several months for any new resident of Manitoba. If you do not have a driver’s licence in your home country, it could take nine months or longer (which means you could not complete your practicum/co-op at the normally scheduled time).

Post-Graduate Programs / Advanced Diplomas

These programs require completion of a related college diploma (two-year minimum) or university degree. All applicants must also meet English language proficiency requirements.

Additional Requirements

Some programs will list one or more of the following as an admission requirement:

  • Criminal Record Check,
  • Child Abuse Registry Check,
  • Adult Abuse Registry Check.

If you are in Canada when you apply to the program, you will need to complete the check(s) and submit the proof as part of your application. We could not process the application without the check(s).

If you are outside of Canada when you apply to the program, we will process the application without the check(s). But, to remain in the program, you will be required to complete the check(s) as soon as possible after you arrive in Canada.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Assiniboine International offers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes in Brandon, Manitoba. Students are required to have a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 Academic or equivalent to be admitted. You can apply to Assiniboine's EAP program and a college program with the same application, for one application fee.

Note: that there could be a gap of a number of months between finishing the EAP program and the start of the college program. Also, note that you may require more than one 14-week session of EAP classes to achieve the English proficiency level required for the college program