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Academic Responsibilities

Academic Responsibilities

Assiniboine is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals and experience success through providing a learning-centred environment, in which learning is a co-operative venture between students and the institution.

Students have important academic responsibilities, as well as personal conduct responsibilities outlined in Policy A02 - Student Conduct, Behaviour and Discipline. Student academic responsibility occurs when students take an active role in their learning, make choices and take actions which lead toward achieving educational goals, and are accountable for their own academic success.

In 2021, a mandatory, first year, non-credit course, was developed to improve students’ ability to navigate the college experience and environment. In the College Foundations course, students reflect on their skills, attitudes, and expectations and develop learning strategies to help them to become successful, resilient, and self-directed learners. The course covers topics such as success in online learning, time management strategies, communication skills, test taking strategies, academic integrity, and information literacy, among others.

Refer to Policy A08-1 - Assiniboine Policy on Academic Responsibilities at assiniboine.net/policies.