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Academic Policies

For questions about the college's academic policies, please contact our Vice-President Academic Office.

Our policies are available below in PDF format. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

In the COVID-19 environment there are some modifications to the college's policy environment. Please see the COVID Student Resource page for FAQs on specific policy matters. A new policy, Adherence of Members of the College Community to Public Health Orders has been adopted.

Policy No. Academic Policy

Academic and Disciplinary Appeals


In light of the continued uncertainty within the environment due to COVID 19, there are some temporary changes to the appeal process. Policy A01 - Academic and Disciplinary Appeals will still largely apply as written, with the following exceptions for appeals of both academic and disciplinary decisions:

Timing for Appeal Submissions - Normally, when a decision being appealed impacts on immediate continuation in a program, notice in writing must be submitted to the Dean/Director no later than three college working days after the start of the subsequent course(s). This deadline is being temporarily extended to no later than five college working days, to account for possible delays due to online communications.

Decision and hearing process of Formal Appeals – the composition of the Formal Appeals Committee will be temporarily amended. All formal appeals will be heard, via distance methods, by (1) the Registrar, (2) the Vice President Academic, and (3) the Director, Students’ Association. This may be held in an asynchronous method if deemed necessary by the Formal Appeals Committee. These three positions may use delegates when and if necessary.

The Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association provides confidential, unbiased advocacy services to current, former and/or prospective students. If a student requires assistance with interpreting or understanding college policy, you are encouraged to seek the assistance of an Advocate for support. Advocates can be reached at or by phoning 204-725-8700 (extension 6645).

A02 Student Conduct, Behaviour and Discipline
A03 Academic Accommodations
A04 Student Concerns and Complaints
A05 Attendance and Punctuality
A06 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
A07 Credit for Previous Education
A08-1 Policy on Academic Responsibilities
A08-2 Policy on Academic Standards
A08-3 Evaluation of Student Learning
A08-4 Policy on Grades
A08-5 Policy on Student Academic Standing and Progression
A08-6 Policy on Graduation
A10 Maintaining Active Student Status
A11 Program Review
A12 Co-operative Education
A13 Program Advisory Committees
A14 Students with Registration Restrictions
A15 Student Course Evaluations
A16 Work Practicums
A17 Application and Admission to College Programs
A18 Retaking of Courses
A19 Standardizing Citation Style
A20 Registration, Adding and Dropping Courses
A21 Course Auditing
A22 Handling of Student Information and Records
A25 Student Honesty and Integrity

Policy No. General & Management Policies
M10 Respectful College
M13 Workplace Violence
M14 Sexual Violence Policy
G39 Loan of College Equipment
G49 Acceptable Use of Information Technology (IT) Resources
G56 Use of Recording Devices
G59 Impairment on College Premises
G61 ITS Support for BYOD Programs