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Adding and Dropping Courses

Students may register for a course up to and including course start date. Students who wish to register in a course after the first day of that course must receive written permission from the dean, director or chairperson of the school offering the course.

Courses dropped before the course start date will be deleted from a student’s record and will not appear on a student’s transcript.

Up to and including the midway point of the course (e.g. for a course of eight weeks duration, the midway point occurs at close of business four weeks into the course), a student may drop a course without academic penalty. If a student elects to drop a course, a VW, indicating voluntary withdrawal, will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Courses dropped after the midway point will be assigned a non-passing grade. Failure to attend class (or complete assignments in the case of distance-delivered courses) does not constitute an official drop. Students who do not complete and submit an official course drop form prior to the midway point of the course will be awarded a non-passing grade in each applicable course.

For tuition fees refer to the circumstances for refunds page.

Refer to Policy A20 - Registering, Adding and Dropping Courses at