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Program Checklists

Program checklists for new students (2022-23)

Agriculture & Environment



Baking Foundations (International, May 2022)

Baking Foundations (Brandon)

Civil Technician

Civil Technology - Municipal Engineering

Communications Engineering Technology

Culinary Arts

Environmental Technologies - Land & Water Management

Food Processing (International)

Geographic Information Systems

Horticultural Production

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Sustainable Food Systems


Accounting Advanced

Business Administration - Brandon

Business Administration - Parkland

Digital Art & Design

Finance Advanced

Human Resource Management Advanced

Legal Administration

Marketing Advanced

Media & Communications

Medical Administration (Brandon)

Network Administration Technology

Office Management (Brandon)

Office Management (Parkland)

Office Skills (Brandon)

Office Skills (Parkland)

Web & Interactive Development

Health and Human Services

Early Childhood Education - Brandon

Early Childhood Education - Parkland

Early Childhood Education Workplace

Public Safety

Social Service Worker

Social Service Worker - Parkland

Mature Student High School

Mature Student High School (Brandon)

Mature Student High School (Brandon - Winter Term)

Mature Student High School (Parkland)

Integrated Comprehensive Health Care Aide

Integrated Education Assistant


Comprehensive Health Care Aide

Comprehensive Health Care Aide (International)

Practical Nursing


Applied Building Construction (Parkland)

Applied Electrical Installation (Parkland)

Automotive Technician

Carpentry and Woodworking (Brandon)

Construction Electrician

Heavy Equipment Technician

Industrial Metals Fabrication

Piping Trades

Power Engineering