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Tips For Applying

You Should Apply For Awards

There are many scholarships and bursaries available to students. If you think you might be able to compete in the academic category, or you've got some volunteer or leadership experience, or you have financial need, you should apply for awards.

Start early!

The scholarship season begins in January. If you will begin your studies in September, you can start applying for entrance awards between January and October of the year in which you will enter.


Multiple criteria, such as academic achievement, school or community involvement, and athletics are used in the selection process and to determine recipients. Bursaries are based primarily on financial need. Check out the current listings on the awards search tool. You can see all the scholarships and bursaries that match your profile.

Don’t underestimate yourself

Study the main award criteria. Does your program, year of study, and length of study qualify? Do you meet the demographic criteria (gender, disability, equity group, etc.)? Apply for awards that match your experience and abilities. If your marks are in the average to above average category, or you have done some meaningful volunteering and service in the community, try for the scholarships that value involvement and leadership.

Ask for help

No, it’s not a sign of weakness, but an effective strategy for improving your chances of success! There are many people available to answer your questions related to the application process and offer guidance.

  • Your guidance counsellor at school has seen many award applications. Ask for suggestions on how to produce a strong application.
  • We want our students to succeed! Our Financial Aid & Awards Office will be happy to review your application and offer suggestions to improve your chance of receiving awards.
  • Talk to your parents and friends—especially when describing your work and volunteer experience or your personal characteristics. They’ll often think of things you forgot or didn’t consider important.

Ensure your references understand the criteria of the award

Some awards require a reference. Make sure they clearly understand the criteria for the award; it goes a long way in making sure the process is as smooth as possible and allows them to comment on why they think you meet the criteria.