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Len Evans Centre

North Hill Campus Relocation

Assiniboine is in the process of relocation and expansion to our North Hill Campus in Brandon, Manitoba. The campus covers approximately 135 acres. The first piece of this exciting project was completed in 2007, with the opening of the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts. Another major project was completed with the $45 million Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology opening in September 2010. The new facility has allowed us to double apprenticeship enrolment to meet the growing labour needs of the region. Our sustainable greenhouse opened in January 2013.

Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts

The Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts institute houses the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts programs, as well as community programming. This beautiful institute opened September 2007 and marked the start of the college's relocation to the North hill.

At 5400 square feet, MICA has a large, state of the art kitchen, four main classrooms as well as smaller classrooms for Continuing Studies programs and workshops. The building is a Manitoba Heritage site dating back to 1923 and was restored to its former glory during the renovation process. The result is a mix of old and new, with mural paintings on the walls and ceiling and original oak panelling next to new facilities such as a state-of-the-art kitchen and the Manitoba Canola Growers Culinary Theatre.

Students and staff work and learn in a facility that includes a teaching kitchen, the majestic Grey Owl dining room, study hall, bistro-style courtyard, modern classrooms, and a $1 million Manitoba Canola Growers Culinary Theatre.

Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology

Our Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology opened in September 2010. This 130,000 square foot facility features innovative machine shops, laboratories, computer rooms and smart classrooms and houses trades and apprenticeship training.

The facility is a delightful mix of old and new, as the former brick Pine Ridge building is renovated and merged with a new steel structure.

Sustainable Greenhouse

A sustainable greenhouse, which is the centre for training and applied research, and home to the Horticultural Production program, opened in January 2013. The facility is 3,300 square feet and includes an experimental solar bay of about 1,300 square feet and a conventional bay of the same size, both connected to a header house.

We continue to work towards further development of our North Hill Campus to provide a unique campus environment for students, staff and our community to enjoy. The college is continuing to work with the government of Manitoba, the City of Brandon and its community partners in their commitment to this project.