Parkland Campus parking lot

Parking Information

Victoria Avenue East Campus

The Victoria Avenue East campus parking lot has staff, student and visitor parking, and is colour-coded accordingly. Staff parking stalls have red fences, student parking stalls have white fences (electrical) or blue fences (non-electrical), and visitor parking stalls have green fences. Any staff or students wishing to park in the lot must purchase and properly display a parking permit from the Registrar’s Office.

  • Evening Classes - no fee scramble parking will prevail in the parking lot after 5 p.m.
  • Visitor Parking - available in the north lot of the campus for 1 hour only. Visitors who will be at Assiniboine for longer periods are asked to use our visitor parking in the south lot (Green Stalls 1 through 15) and must sign in and out at security.

North Hill Campus

Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology

  • Student & Visitor Parking - limited parking is available for free in the scramble parking lot east of the building.
  • Staff Parking - available in the same scramble lot but the two rows at the south end are for staff only.

Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts

  • Student Parking - available for free in the scramble parking lot east of the building.
  • Staff & Visitor Parking - available in the south lot. Staff must display valid parking permits.

Parkland Campus

The Parkland campus parking lot consists of staff, student and visitor parking. Any staff or students wishing to park in the lot must purchase and properly display a valid parking permit from the Administration Office.

  • Student Parking - available for purchase at the campus from July to June, which coincides with the college's academic year.
  • Visitor Parking - available in the lot's designated stalls.
  • Parkland Staff - bi-weekly deductions for parking is available.

Adult Collegiate

  • Student Parking - the Collegiate does not have any parking available for students. Students who need parking should contact the City of Brandon at 204.729.2229 or to get information on pricing and availability. Alternatively, contact the Town Centre at 204.571.8690 or to find out pricing and availability of parking at the Town Centre.
  • Staff Parking - available in one of three City of Brandon parking lots downtown or in available spaces at the Town Centre. Adult Collegiate staff follow the same bi-weekly deductions as Victoria Avenue East campus staff.

Winnipeg Campus

  • There is limited free parking at the Winnipeg Campus.
  • All parking spaces are numbered but are not assigned unless marked as reserved or with a business name.
  • Both the east and west parking lots offer electrical and non-electrical stalls, as well as parking for disabled persons displaying a valid permit.
  • Please do not park in front of neighbouring businesses or in spaces marked reserved, or your car will be towed. Assiniboine Community College is not responsible for towed vehicles.
  • Student Parking - students who have an access card for the student entrance should park on the west side of the building facing Border Street or directly in front of the college.
  • Visitor and Staff Parking - visitor and staff parking is available on the east side of the building.

Russell Training Centre

There is limited free parking available in the Major Pratt School parking lot outside of the building for staff and students.