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Get to Know Us

Where Is Manitoba?

Right in the heart of Canada! We're located in the geographic centre of North America, and our province is in the middle of the country.

Why Should You Study In Manitoba?

Manitoba is an excellent choice to help you meet your education goals. Our education system and institutions are internationally recognized, with leading-edge facilities and first-rate instructors. Manitoba offers high quality, affordable education and training throughout the province in rural or urban settings.

International students enjoying the beutifal fall weather.

Eight MANITOBAN Reasons:

  1. Affordable world-class education
  2. Internationally recognized diplomas and certificates
  3. Priority assessment eligibility for your Canadian permanent residency status**
  4. Work while you study and after you graduate
  5. Genuine English language immersion experiences
  6. Variety of recreational, cultural and entertainment activities
  7. Friendly urban centres and welcoming small rural towns
  8. International Education Act protects you while you study

** Visit the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for eligibility.

Brandon the 'Wheat City"

Brandon is located 197 km west of Winnipeg and 100 km north of the United States Border. Brandon has been nicknamed the "Wheat City" in honour of its rich agricultural heritage and reputation as a prosperous farming community. Brandon is the little city with a big heart and is a progressive community with a quality of life that must be experienced to be appreciated.

International student bundled up on a winter day.

Brandon has four distinct seasons and many activities to keep you fit and entertained. With -20 C winters, hot prairie summers, hiking and biking outdoors, provincial/national parks teeming with wildlife, festivals, concerts and cultural activities await, just imagine the stories you will have for your family about the true north!

Get to Know Us

  • Manitoba is located in the geographical centre (or the heart) of North America. It is two to three hours by plane from cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Chicago.
  • The history of Manitoba’s Indigenous people goes back thousands of years, and since the province was established in 1870, Manitoba has welcomed immigrants from every corner of the globe. Home to more than 210 declared ethnic or cultural origins, we are proud of our multicultural heritage!
  • Manitoba hosts an abundance of cultural festivals every year, including the National Ukrainian Festival held in Dauphin, Winter Multicultural Festival in Brandon and Folklorama in Winnipeg.
  • Manitoba basks in over 2,300 hours of bright sunshine per year with southern Manitoba enjoying up to 16 hours of daylight during peak summer weeks. Brandon is the 6th sunniest city in Canada.
  • Living in Brandon, you can experience four distinct seasons: snowy winter; cool, wet spring; hot summers; and crisp autumn.
  • The Assiniboine River winds 17 km through the heart of Brandon. With 44 kilometres of paved walking and hiking trails, and many parks, forests, rivers and lakes within a short drive of Brandon, the area is an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts in all seasons.
  • Brandon is Manitoba’s second largest city and provides services for 180,000 people, which includes those in surrounding communities. The city has amenities, services, and educational and employment opportunities generally found in much larger centres.
  • Brandon is renowned for its agricultural shows: The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, the Manitoba Summer Fair, and the Manitoba Livestock Expo. AgDays, held annually in January, is the province’s largest indoor agricultural tradeshow.
  • Brandon is the only Canadian city with a population under 50,000 that has a university, community college and an emergency services college.
  • Brandon has direct flights to Calgary, yet has a maximum in-city commute of 12 minutes.