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International Spotlights

International Student Spotlights

Lisa Lecheminant

My family and I immigrated from the United Kingdom in 2019 and seven weeks later, I was attending international orientation before starting Culinary Arts. It was extremely daunting as a mature student; however, the team at Assiniboine, Carey Pod in particular, really made me feel welcome.

Arriane Morales

I get super emotional when I think I’m going to be a nurse soon because when you’ve wanted something for so long and you’re finally able to get a hold of it, it’s priceless. I have no words. I started nursing back in the Philippines when I was 16 years old. I finished my first year of study and then became pregnant, becoming a teenage mom. This meant I had to take year off and then go back to school, but I couldn’t continue my nursing studies at that time.

Nikita Patel

I have no words to describe how amazing and kind my instructors are here at the college. With the pandemic, we do a lot of online learning, but we’re still able to come on campus for labs a few times a week and getting to know everyone has been great.

Brieth Young-Taylor

Every day, I’m becoming more of the person I envision. A Leader, Mentor and Counsellor. This year has had me reflecting now on my career path and how it aligns with my entrepreneur skills. I had a vision to create a club suited for international student’s that bridges the gap between cultural diversities while creating a positive forum to voice our concerns and opinions.

Muhammad A. Khan

One of the biggest obstacles for me was the Canadian education culture, as I was new to Canada when I started at Assiniboine. I came from a very different education culture back home and getting to use the language, the people, and academics has all been new for me. However, it has been a great journey and learning experience. The way Assiniboine provides you with support, resources and guidance has made the learning journey easy and effective.

Jing Wang

I feel really involved at Assiniboine, not just because of one person, but all my instructors, classmates and Learning Curve staff make me feel welcome. My instructors have always taught my classes with enthusiasm and kindly helped me out with any questions I may have. It’s been really beneficial working together with my classmates on projects.