Assiniboine continues to build towards 2028 graduates by 2028 with the development of the Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture.

The Prairie Innovation Centre will support the demand for skilled and experienced agricultural training, increasing Assiniboine’s on-campus capacity to more than 800 students annually. The Centre will allow Assiniboine to triple programming to more than 800 on-campus students annually and hundreds more learners in agricultural extension programs.

Assiniboine is proud to recognize our donors who are supporting the Prairie Innovation Centre.


Sunrise Credit Union - $1 million

Assiniboine has received a major donation of $1 million from Sunrise Credit Union, the largest philanthropic donation in the college’s history, to support agricultural training opportunities at the college.

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Guild/HMS Insurance Group - $10,000

Guild/HMS Insurance Group has donated $10,000 to the Prairie Innovation Centre project.

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Mid-Plains Implements - $50,000

As a company that deals directly with the needs of agricultural producers, Mid-Plains Implements sees the value in investing in Assiniboine's vision for the future of agriculture. They've contributed $50,000 toward the Prairie Innovation Centre project.

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