The Prairie Innovation Centre is the cornerstone of the future in agriculture-related training at the college.

This $65 million capital project includes a $15 million fundraising campaign. Since the campaign launched with a $1 million donation from Sunrise Credit Union in fall 2020, the Centre have received numerous commitments, with support throughout the province continuing to grow.

If you're interested in getting involved, contact to discuss this opportunity.


Sunrise Credit Union - $1 Million

Assiniboine has received a major donation of $1 million from Sunrise Credit Union, the largest philanthropic donation in the college’s history, to support agricultural training opportunities at the college.

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Guild/HMS Insurance Group - $10,000

Guild/HMS Insurance Group has donated $10,000 to the Prairie Innovation Centre project.

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Mid-Plains Implements - $50,000

As a company that deals directly with the needs of agricultural producers, Mid-Plains Implements sees the value in investing in Assiniboine's vision for the future of agriculture. They've contributed $50,000 toward the Prairie Innovation Centre project.

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Wawanesa Insurance - $100,000

As a longtime partner with longstanding roots in agriculture, Wawanesa Insurance has contributed $100,000 to the Prairie Innovation Centre.

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Compass Credit Union - $25,000

An historical and community connection inspired Compass Credit Union to come aboard the Prairie Innovation Centre project with a $25k contribution.

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Manitoba Canola Growers - $100,000

A longtime supporter of the college and an important commodity association within the province, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association is a valued contributor to the Prairie Innovation Centre. The MCGA has come aboard the project as a sponsor of the Collaboration Zone within the Centre.

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Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers - $200,000

The Collaboration Zone within the Prairie Innovation Centre welcomes the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers as an industry sponsor. Adding to previous funding and support for applied research, the college looks forward to continuing an important partnership with MPSG.

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Mazergroup - $500,000

Mazergroup is a Westman-born agricultural staple and we're thrilled to welcome their support for the Prairie Innovation Centre. An important partner to the college, member of the agriculture industry, and vital part of the Westman community, we look forward to continuing our work and cooperation with Mazergroup.

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Manitoba Crop Alliance - $100,000

The Manitoba Crop Alliance is an important organization in Manitoba’s agricultural landscape, representing five key commodities in the province: spring and winter wheat, sunflowers, corn, barley and flax. The unification of these commodities under MCA respresents a great example of evolving with industry needs, much like the college is looking to do with the Prairie Innovation Centre. Assiniboine is pleased to welcome their support.

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Ron and the late Vera Helwer, Shur-Gro Farm Services - $500,000

Longtime presence in Westman agriculture, Ron Helwer, has donated $500K to the Prairie Innovation Centre. He and his late wife Vera started their life in Westman in 1968.

It was a pleasure to announce this donation among friends at the Brandon Chamber luncheon on November 25 to hear Ron announce his contribution and speak about his ag journey.

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Gord & Diane Peters and the Brandon Area Community Foundation - $500,000

Assiniboine’s Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is welcoming a $500,000 donation from local community and business leaders, Gord and Diane Peters and the Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF).

The Peters’ are no strangers to Westman and are well-known for supporting various community projects. In 2009, they set up a partnership with the Brandon Area Community Foundation to facilitate long-term giving.

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Rocky Mountain Equipment - $100,000

Local agricultural equipment dealer, Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME), has generously contributed $100,000 to Assiniboine's Prairie Innovation Centre in hopes that this project will attract new interest to the ag industry to better serve the farming community.

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D&B Sprinklers - $25,000

Assiniboine continues to engage partners who see the value in the future of agriculture in Manitoba, and the college is pleased to announce that D&B Sprinklers has recently pledged $25,000 to support the Prairie Innovation Centre.

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Murray Auto Group and Doug & Laurie Murray - $100,000

Both longtime supporters of the college, Murray Auto Group and Doug & Laurie Murray recognize the value of agriculture to the province. Support from these community leaders further instills that the Prairie Innovation Centre is the right project, at the right time, in the right community.

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CEL Group of Companies - $250,000

CEL Group of Companies has committed $250K to provide equipment for the Prairie Innovation Centre. CEL produces controlled environments for plant growth and will provide the best-suited equipment for the anticipated applications.

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Crane Steel Structures - $125,000

Well-known Brandon and Westman business leader, Crane Steel Structures, has donated $125,000 to the future of agriculture at Assiniboine in the Prairie Innovation Centre.

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