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Financial Aid for International Students

Thinking of studying at Assiniboine College?

We offer bursaries of up to $2,000 available to support international students returning for their second year of study. These bursaries are awarded to students who demonstrate the most financial need.

  1. Applying is Easy! Apply for this bursary online at assiniboine.net/awards.
  2. Apply before your second year of study. The deadline to apply is in February each year. Please refer to assiniboine.net/awards for deadline details.
  3. Plan for your second year of college. Recipients of the International Student Bursary will be notified in the spring, in advance of their second year of study. Any bursary amount awarded will be credited towards your tuition for your second year of study.

For additional details and requirements, visit assiniboine.net/awards and search for the "International Student Bursary".

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