Staff Spotlight: Dave Taggart

Staff Spotlight: Dave Taggart

This past month was the first September on-campus classes since the beginning of the pandemic. For one of our employees, it was a very familiar experience, one that brought lots of fond memories harkening back 30 years ago this fall!

“My name is Dave Taggart, and I’m the Manager of Health and Safety and Building Operations at Assiniboine.

I’ve worked at the college for 16 months now, but my time at ACC goes back a lot longer than that—I started as a student in the Business Administration program in 1992!

I was hired in my current position as a manager right in the middle of the pandemic, so this was my first opportunity to experience the first day of classes and fall semester rush of students. Although it was my first experience with the back-to-class rush as an employee, all of those same feelings came back to me as if I was just starting at the college as a student. The packed parking lot, the building’s look, the sounds, and even the smell. The only difference this year was being 30 years removed, but it all took me right back.

As you can imagine, starting a job like mine right in the middle of the pandemic when most students and staff were working from home is quite a bit different than the busy bustle of what goes on when everyone is back on-campus. It felt like I was working in one place for a year and a half, and now I’m working in a completely different place that’s got so much life and energy. It’s a very familiar buzz having been here as a student—that wonderful activity as people come and go, it just feels so familiar and comfortable.”