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Alumni Giving

Pay it forward—Together, Assiniboine Alumni can clear a path to education for future alumni.

College is a time of growth and opportunity, but for many students, financial obstacles present barriers and worries. Tuition, textbooks, rent, and family needs are some of the challenges students face while pursuing their education.

Who better to understand those challenges, than the college’s alumni community. Since 2017 the alumni donor community has donated close to $100,000 to the college’s Foundation, resulting in hundreds of students who received scholarships and bursaries that helped them succeed with their education at Assiniboine.

Each member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, personally understands how attending Assiniboine transformed their life, along with so many more fellow alumni. The cherished relationships had with instructors, the lifelong friendships acquired and the in-depth learning and hands-on experience that have helped so many alumni achieve prosperous careers throughout Manitoba and beyond, means we are all products of the Assiniboine effect.

Now it’s our turn to help future alumni – please consider giving

“Receiving a scholarship was the difference between going to school and not. I was so grateful to get the extra financial help…it really made the final decision as to whether I would attend college or not.”

Brooke Huculak, Police Studies – class of ‘16

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