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Available Programs

Available Programs for International Students

We are currently accepting applications from international students in the following full-time programs listed in the tables below. Please note, some of the programs listed below could have a waitlist for their next intake date.

Refer to the program page linked in the table below for more details about that specific program, including estimated tuition and admission requirements. Advanced diploma programs have a minimum admission requirement of a two-year diploma or university degree.

Assiniboine Community College is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI #O19201282282) recognized by the Government of Canada. Assiniboine campuses in Brandon, Winnipeg and Dauphin are all part of this DLI.

Do you need to increase your English language proficiency?

We offer an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program designed for you to improve your english language abilities and prepare for success in one of our full-time college programs.

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Calendar Year Program Starts

One Academic year - Advanced Diplomas

Program Location Program Start Date Length
Sept 2021 Nov 2021 Jan 2022
Accounting Brandon 8 months
Brandon 8 months
Finance Brandon 8 months
Geographic Information Systems Brandon 8 months
Human Resource Management Brandon 8 months
Marketing Brandon 8 months
Sustainable Food Systems Brandon 8 months

Two academic years - Diplomas

*An asterisks denotes programs that have an optional certificate exit after one year of study.

Program Location Program Start Date Length
Sept 2021 Nov 2021 Jan 2022
Agribusiness Brandon 2 years
Business Administration Brandon 2 years
Civil Technology Brandon 2 years
Communications Engineering Technology* Brandon 2 years
Culinary Arts* Brandon 2 years
Digital Art and Design Brandon 2 years
Early Childhood Education Brandon 2 years
Hotel and Restaurant Management* Brandon 2 years
Land and Water Management Brandon 2 years
Legal Administration Brandon 2 years
Media and Communications Brandon 2 years
Medical Administration Brandon 2 years
Medical Administration Dauphin 2 years
Network Administration Technology Brandon 2 years
Office Management Brandon 2 years
Office Management Dauphin 2 years
Social Service Worker Brandon 2 years
Web and Interactive Development Brandon 2 years

One academic Year - Certificates

Program Location Program Start Date Length
Sept 2021 Nov 2021 Jan 2022
Baking Foundations (cohort) Brandon 13 months
Baking Foundations (cohort) Winnipeg 13 months
Carpentry & Woodworking Brandon 9 months
Comprehensive Health Care Aide - International (cohort) Brandon 9 months
Comprehensive Health Care Aide - International (cohort) Winnipeg 9 months
Civil Technician Brandon 12 months
Food Processing (cohort) Brandon 11 months
Heavy Equipment Technician Brandon 9 months
Horticultural Production Brandon 9 months
Industrial Metals Fabrication Brandon 11 months
Office Skills Brandon 8 months
Office Skills Dauphin 8 months
Piping Trades Brandon 9 months


Our post-secondary college programs require an equivalent of a Manitoba Grade 12 high school diploma. Most programs also require the equivalent of Manitoba Grade 12 Mathematics and/or Language Arts. Some have a minimum grade requirement as well. Please check each program's Admissions Requirements. Please note, a "40S" in Manitoba means the 12th year of schooling; in many countries, this is called "senior" or "higher" secondary level.

English Language Proficiency

If your English level does not meet our English language proficiency requirement, you can apply to our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program and a college program to follow. We begin 14-week EAP sessions in January, May and September each year. Note: many college programs have only one intake each year; you are welcome to contact us at to ask about program intake dates before you apply to EAP.

There are pathways to further your education or receive transfer credits for past studies. Please see Careers and Connections on each of the program's web pages for more information about agreements.

Student Spotlight: Brieth

New to Canada, second-year student Brieth Young-Taylor and her family made the big decision to move from the Bahamas to Brandon, Manitoba to continue creating the future they want for their family.

Student Spotlight: Muhammad

Assiniboine really gives you a diverse set of learning methods, where students can learn and engage in different ways to accommodate different learning styles of students. I am excited to start a career in my field of choice and interest, Agribusiness...