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Student ID Cards

If you are entering year one of a program in Sep 2022, Jan or May 2023

Getting your Student ID Card is a two-part process:

  1. Check that your name, address, and contact information is correct in MyACC. Refer to the registration email you received from the Registrar's Office.
  2. Go to MyPersonalInformation and log in with your college username and password to upload and submit your photo.

Your card will be handed out by your School in the first week of classes. Ensure you upload your photo by August 22, 2022 so we can have it printed and ready for you if your classes start in September.

I am a returning/year 2 student, do I need to upload a photo?

Yes. Your 2021-22 Student ID card will be distributed by your school office in the first few weeks of class; check your college account for an email from your school about this

How do I get a bus pass if I live in Brandon?

The Students’ Association will add your City of Brandon bus pass to your Student ID card at time of printing. You do not need to do anything else to activate the pass.

What do I use my Student ID Card for?

Carry your Student ID Card with you.

You will be asked to present your card to confirm your identity when requested by a college representative.

It is also your library card, and, for some programs, it is used as an electronic pass to access your shop or lab space.

You can also use this card to access fitness equipment, where available.

It includes the Student’s Association Paw Pass.

In the City of Brandon, it is also your bus pass.

It may also be presented for student discounts where applicable

Note that Student ID Cards may only be used by the cardholder and are not transferable.

What is the Paw Pass?

The Paw Pass is a discount program for all Assiniboine students. The ACCSA partners with businesses to offer students discounts all across the Westman & Dauphin area. Participating businesses will have a Paw Pass logo showcased in their establishment or on their website, and they’re also listed on the ACCSA website.

Any student with a valid Student ID Card that has a Paw Pass logo on the back is eligible to receive discounts at participating businesses. Just present your Student ID Card to any participating business. For a full listing of Paw Pass Partners, please visit the ACCSA website.

If you have any suggestions of businesses that aren’t on the list please send them to accsa@assiniboine.net and we will use your referral to contact that business.

What do I do if I lose my Student ID Card?

Immediately inform registration@assiniboine.net (mailto subject is I lost my Student ID Card) and we will send you a form to request a new one.

When will I get my Student ID Card?

Your 2021-22 Student ID card will be distributed by your school office; check your college account for an email from your school about this.

I am having trouble uploading a photo, who should I contact?

Please email registration@assiniboine.net with your name, program and student ID number. We will help you out.