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Student taking a test

On-Campus Tests

Missed Tests and Rewrites:

Instructors are able to schedule an alternative time and date for students to write their test in the Test Centre. To maintain the integrity of testing, this may be accommodated on short notice.

  • Instructors communicate with the student to determine when the student should write their test.
  • Instructors check availability, book the test, complete the Invigilation Form and either email or bring the test package to the Test Centre.
  • The instructor must approve rescheduling or cancellations.
  • Test Centre staff follow the directions on the Invigilation Form to return all test materials.

Supplemental Exams:

  • The Test Centre follows the procedures in Policy A8 Student Evaluation and Progression.
  • The process of scheduling the test is the same as on-campus instructors (see above).
  • The student must provide the Application for Supplemental Examination form and proof of payment (receipt) before the test is written.