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Student taking a test

Distance Education Testing

Scheduling Your Distance Education Test

Providing adequate advanced notice is critical for Distance Education testing. The Test Centre asks for 1-week notice to schedule a test but will allow for 4 working days’ notice to book the test (e.g. Monday for Thursday evening).

  • The student contacts the Test Centre to schedule their test. They need to include their student number, course name, instructor’s name and test type (e.g. midterm).
  • Test Centre staff requests the test from the instructor through an Outlook calendar invitation.
  • Instructors email the completed Invigilation Form and test files to the appropriate Test Centre email.
  • Tests are received 24 hours before the scheduled start time. Test Centre staff contacts the instructor by phone if the test is not received.
  • Students must contact the Test Centre if they need to reschedule. The Test Centre notifies the instructor with an updated meeting invitation.
  • The completed test, files, and Invigilation Form are scanned and emailed back to the instructor within one working day. The original test is either sent by Canada Post or held for 30 days and then shredded.

Choosing an invigilator:

It is of the utmost importance to Assiniboine that all tests or examinations are administered fairly and with integrity. For this reason, anyone who is not “at arm’s length” to you should not be asked to administer the test or examination. For example, the invigilator should NOT be a relative, friend, co-worker, fellow student, business partner or live at the same address as the student.

Once arrangements with an invigilator have been confirmed, you must have them read and complete the invigilator letter located in the appendix of your course manual. This letter must be forwarded by the invigilator to the instructor. Requests for tests should be made a minimum of one week before the writing date.

If you request an accommodation (e.g. more time, a reader, assistive technology software, etc.) because of a disability or medical need, you must consult with Student Services well in advance of the test. Student Services will consult with the instructor as part of the process.

If this is the case, the instructor will send the test directly to the invigilator along with the procedures for administering the test. These will include such things as the time allowed, instructions that the invigilator must communicate to the student, how the test is to be returned to the instructor and how the instructor may be contacted during the test. Because procedures may vary somewhat from course to course, specific instructions will be provided with each test. The invigilator letter requires the invigilator to certify through his/her signature, that the test will be administered according to the procedures specified by the college.

In the event that you (or the invigilator) are unable to keep the appointment for the test, it may only be re-scheduled through the instructor.