Student taking a test

What To Expect

Role of the Student:

  • Observe ACC's A25 Student Honesty and Integrity policy.
  • Arrive on time for scheduled test.
  • Show a valid government/ACC photo ID (student card or driver’s license).
  • Have computer ID and passwords if required for online tests.
  • Bring only what is allowed and required for the test. Personal items may be stored in the lockers provided.
  • Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices or pencil cases into the testing room.
  • Students are allowed a short washroom break, unless otherwise indicated on the Invigilation Form.
  • Respect other students’ sensitivities by minimizing noise and other disturbances, and refraining from wearing heavy scents to which others could be allergic or sensitive.
  • Do not communicate or attempt to communicate with other students once the test starts.
  • Comply with the invigilator’s requests and directions. A student who does not comply with such directions may be asked to leave the Test Centre before they have completed the test.
  • If you are preparing for a test and need some tips, you may want to check out The Learning Curve

Role of the Invigilator – All Tests:

  • Show courtesy to students, while safeguarding the integrity of the test materials and process.
  • Start and end the test on time.
  • Provide an appropriate degree of invigilation.
  • Ask students to present their government/ACC photo ID card.
  • Ensure students have access to only the materials, devices and resources allowed for the test.
  • Have students store all large items (such as coats and bags) in central location. Students may store valuables, such as laptop computers and purses, in a locker provided.
  • Remind students that they are not allowed to bring electronic devices or pencil cases into the testing room.
  • Assist students in any way that does not affect the integrity of the test.
  • Permit only one student to leave the testing room at a time to use the washroom.
  • In the event of an emergency, direct the student to leave all test materials in the Test Centre and evacuate the building in an orderly manner.
  • Test Centre staff will obtain assistance in the event of a disturbance, confrontation or health emergency.
  • Preventative measures will be taken to ensure academic integrity.
  • Ensure test and materials are accounted for before a student is allowed to leave the Test Centre.

Role of the Invigilator – Online Tests:

In addition to the invigilator responsibilities outlined above, invigilators of online tests shall:

  • Enter the password for each student; do not give the password to the student to enter.
  • Direct the student to save his/her test often.
  • Assist student with technology malfunctions. If troubleshooting is not successful, notify the instructor and the student will need to write their test at a later date.

Role of the Invigilator – Academic Dishonesty:

If the invigilator suspects or witnesses academic dishonesty, they will:

  • Make careful observations and, if possible, have another staff member confirm those observations.
  • Collect evidence by doing screen shot of camera footage and/or screen shot of computer monitor.
  • Stop the test. Explain that an incident of academic dishonesty was witnessed. Confiscate any items that are not permitted in the testing room. Print browser history and close internet browser if applicable.
  • Inform the student the incident will be documented and the instructor will be notified.
  • Allow student to complete the test, if they choose.
  • Complete the Test Centre Incident Form (make a copy for Test Centre records) and give to the student when they are finished their test.
  • Report the incident and provide evidence to Instructor by email.
  • When the instructor confirms there has been an infraction, complete Academic Incident Report attached to Policy A25 and submit to the Dean and Chairperson of the program.

Role of the Instructor:

  • On campus Instructors are asked to submit the test to the Test Centre with a completed Invigilation Form as early as possible prior to the test date. Be sure to include test booklets, scantron cards or other materials required for the test.
  • On campus Instructors are asked to pick up the completed test as soon as possible.
  • Distance Education Instructors are required to email the form and test electronically to appropriate Test Centre email one working day prior to the scheduled test.
  • All Instructors may submit the form and test electronically to appropriate Test Centre email.
  • All Instructors must provide the Test Centre with contact information in the case there are questions during the test. Instructors may give an alternative contact person if they will not be available during the test.